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Cryptocurrency Market on a recovery route as tokens take a Green turn


zycrypto.com 07 December 2018 13:13, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

The last 24hrs has managed to steer the cryptocurrency market in a more promising direction after the perceived bearish trends surfaced yesterday. At the moment of this writing Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Stellar and Tether who had been victimized by the bearish market yesterday have now taken a green turn as these tokens have now garnered slight gains.

While these gains are not exactly towering, it may have saved the market from an intensified downswing that was likely to occur if the tokens continued to shed gains. Although not enough to push it to the next resistance level, Bitcoin has entered the day with $0.44 in profits, while Ripple has moved up by 0.87%.

Ethereum, on the other hand, has impressively begun to climb the ladder with gains of 5.00%, leaving it with a trading price of $90.20. Can the Ethereum maintain its trading volume of $2.09 billion and multiply in trading price? the next 24hrs will decide.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision token has made a turn around in price movement with a loss of 3.71%. This has only slightly affected its trading price which was seated at a $103.88 closing price as of yesterday but has now dropped to $100.77.

Yesterday, ZyCrypto reported on an emerging bloodbath in the cryptocurrency market as most tokens were shedding losses since the day began. Tokens like Ethereum had lost as over 10% along with Bitcoin, XRP and Stellar who was battling to stay in a safe zone due to the arrival of its new rival Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, which was one amongst the few tokens to outperform its opponent to amass as much as $15% in gains while overthrowing Tether and its parent token Bitcoin Cash, to uphold the 5th spot for a short period of time.

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