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Tokenbox partners with Indacoin to facilitate crypto asset purchases using bank cards


www.cryptoninjas.net 20 November 2018 18:30, UTC
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Tokenbox, an ecosystem that provides the technological, commercial and legal infrastructure required for creating new investment funds based on crypto assets announced today it has partnered up with Indacoin, a UK based platform that provides the possibility to instantly and safely buy digital assets using bank cards.

Following the partnership agreement, Indacoin services are now integrated into the Tokenbox platform. A user on Tokenbox can buy coins and tokens and pay for them with either debit or credit card. The assets bought are immediately transferred to the user’s Tokenbox account.

Indacoin is also an anti-fraud platform that is widely used to prevent payments from stolen credit & debit cards. Its algorithms analyze more than 30 different criteria for risk scoring. The company was established in 2014 in London UK and since then has been operating successfully at a global scale.

“Indacoin is quite responsive to market challenges and is ready to adapt its services to the features of our product, the Tokenbox platform. This partnership allows our customers to buy any crypto assets, both current with which we are working now and which will be traded on the platform in the nearest future. A standard commission might be a bit higher at the beginning of the partnership, because of the gradually growing volume of transactions. But we will work towards lowering the commission fee, decrease the entry costs and increase the speed of transactions. We believe that this partnership will open doors for more people to enter the crypto world.”

Pavel Salas, CEO of Tokenbox:

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