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Cryptocurrency salaries are attracting young talents

www.thecoinrepublic.com 22 December 2021 01:51, UTC
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Cryptocurrency trend has gained mainstream adoption. Several survey reports and studies have figured out that the younger generation is more bullish on crypto. Moreover, since the beginning of this year, we have observed that several athletes and politicians have made headlines. These professional figures opted to get paid in digital assets like Bitcoin. Besides, we have also observed that several employees of the younger generation are being attracted to crypto salaries. Indeed, we can say that the adoption of the digital ecosystem is right around the corner as more millennials are opting to get their salaries in virtual currency.

Cryptocurrency attracts a younger workforce

Several firms have begun to offer crypto salaries to their employees to attract a younger workforce. According to a recent report published by CNBC, there are two different cases where young talent is paid in cryptocurrencies. According to the report, a University student Stephen Gerrits and artist Tiyanna Brown decided to receive their payrolls  in crypto. Notably, gerrits works part-time at a tech-startup, whereas, Brown sells incredible art pieces in exchange for Ethereum (ETH).

Stephen Gerrits takes a chance to strike it rich

According to the university student, he has earned more than what he would have made in cash due to the soaring price of digital assets. However, the price is always volatile, and does not always go upside. Hence, Gerrits highlighted that he hodls his salary and finds joy when the prices spike. However, the fun ends when the price plunges due to carnage. 

Notably, Gerrits’ bills are covered through other secondary incomes so he considers cryptocurrency as an investment. 

Tiyanna Brown is bullish on crypto collectibles

Besides Stephen, Brown sells art on the platform of Rarible, an NFTs marketplace. Notably, Brown is always optimistic that this will provide better results in the longer timeframe. Brown believes that NFTs selling are almost like licensing, as everytime someone uses our art piece, we gain a percentage as reward. 

Moreover, the artist highlighted that she wants to see the words starving artist as a thing as of the past.

Crypto job listings has increased on portals

Last month, LinkedIn, one of the leading social platforms, reported that digital currency related jobs listing has surged by more than 600% on its platform. Moreover, larger financial firms are also offering big bonuses to attract more cryptocurrency talent. Among the firms, one HR firm, Johnson Associates, highlighted that virtual currency positions pay 20%-30% higher, as compared to non-crypto positions.

However, there still are few setbacks while opting for crypto payments. Notably, if crypto is being paid for physical contract work, there would be issues if the employer demands to get the payment back.

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