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Altitude Games Announces Item Presale for Decentraland Title ‘Battle Racers’


sludgefeed.com 03 May 2019 05:50, UTC
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Altitude Games, the team behind the upcoming Decentraland (MANA) title Battle Racers announced this week that it planning an in-game item presale for the racing game.

Our friends at Altitude Games have announced a pre-sale for Battle Racers! Get in on the action early, and grab some exclusive parts for your perfect racing machine. Learn more at: https://t.co/9yBMY1Qzj4 pic.twitter.com/FnvTFw8WRy

— Decentraland (@decentraland) May 1, 2019

According to the announcement, Battle Racers is an arcade-style game where you get to build, race and battle model cars on tracks that are hosted in Decentraland’s virtual world. While the game is currently in beta, Altitude Games is planning to host its item pre-sale on May 15, allowing players to gain early access to special car parts and other customizations.

Car brands (Battle Racers)

“It all starts by mixing and matching different parts and weapons to create your perfect car,” states the announcement. “When you’re done building and tweaking in your garage, you get to put your car to the test in races against other players, in real time. All cars can be tokenized into ERC-721 NFTs, giving each one its own unique and immutable record of wins, losses, and exclusive gameplay buffs. Tokenizing your car also opens it up for trading with other players.”

Customizable car configurations with differing stats (Battle Racers)

This news comes around a week after Decentraland announced that customizable avatars are coming to Genesis City. MANA was also recently added as an initial constituent in the newly launched AltDex Blockchain Gaming Index (ALTGME), a crypto index that focuses on coins and tokens directly related to blockchain gaming.

MANA is currently up 0.8% on the day to $0.051210, giving the token a $53.7 million market cap.

The Battle Racers presale begins on May 15.

Disclaimer: This article’s author has cryptocurrency holdings that can be tracked here. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Always conduct your own due diligence before making investments.


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