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UK Becomes Third Largest Country To Hold Ethereum, While UK Citizens Also Love To Own Doge, Solana, And Ripple - The Crypto Basic


thecryptobasic.com 18 January 2022 03:38, UTC
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The UK is the third-largest Ethereum holding country after Singapore and Australia.

Finder.com regularly surveys individuals across 27 countries to analyze cryptocurrency adoption rates, investment diversification, and the demographics of investors. 2013 users took part in the survey

According to Finder.com’s December report, the UK ranks third globally in terms of ETH holdings. Since October, the total share of Ethereum ownership by the country’s population has grown by almost one percent – from 5.2 to 6.1%.

BTC retained first place; 42.8% of UK crypto holders own bitcoins. However, ETH continues to gain popularity in the country. The UK ranked third in the world regarding ownership of this altcoin, right after Singapore and Australia, with a total share of 32.9%.

It is noteworthy that the proportion of Ethereum owners among other cryptocurrencies in the world is declining – from 28.2% in October to 24.4% in December. However, the British see the potential of ETH and hold their positions. Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency in the United Kingdom; 42.8%  of crypto-involved citizens hold Bitcoin, which places the UK as the 11th country whose population has BTC.

DOGE, Solana, and Ripple popularity in the UK

The UK ranks 17th in the world regarding the number of DOGE holders, with 16.9% claiming to own the mem-coin, below the global average of 18.5%. In terms of popularity among cryptocurrency holders in the United Kingdom, DOGE ranks 4th.

Solana ranks as the 5th most popular coin, with 15.1% of cryptocurrency owners saying they own the coin, below the global average of 15.5%.

Beating some of the more well-known cryptocurrencies, Ripple is the third most popular altcoin in the United Kingdom, with 17.4% of crypto owners saying they own Ripple. Ripple has a global average holding of 16.8%, which puts the UK above the worldwide average.

Finder’s report also shows that Men in the United Kingdom are roughly 2.1 times as likely as women to own cryptocurrency – among crypto owners, 68% are men compared to 32% who are women.

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