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Bitcoin Suisse launches staking service for Ethereum 2 (ETH2) blockchain


www.cryptoninjas.net 28 November 2019 12:50, UTC
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Bitcoin Suisse, a crypto and blockchain solutions provider, today announced the launch of its ETH2 staking service. Clients signing up for staking on the new Ethereum 2 blockchain are expected to earn rewards from the very first block. The service is available for both private individuals and institutional investors.

Participating in Ethereum’s future network validation is a complicated task since users need to perform a token migration from the current Ethereum blockchain to the new one. With this, specific hardware and software is required to run validators as well as exactly 32 ETH2 to start staking.

ETH2 staking service from Bitcoin Suisse will solve these challenges for clients, letting them earn rewards without having to consider any arbitrary validator amount and without having to own and operate network infrastructure.

The service is designed as an all-in-one offering covering the three key elements of Ethereum 2 staking:

  • Migration from ETH tokens to ETH2 tokens
  • Secure hardware and software setup and adherence to protocol upgrades
  • Booking and pay-out of earned rewards

Clients will retain 85% of the earnings from the incoming rewards. The remaining part will cover all costs associated with infrastructure setup, protocol upgrades, maintenance, servers, etc.

Further explanation of the Ethereum blockchain development process can be found in the Bitcoin Suisse research special ‘Ethereum 2 Matters’ which also takes an in-depth look at the validator economics.

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