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Ethereum Surpasses Bitcoin With Over $21 Billion a Day in Value


coinedition.com 16 January 2023 15:49, UTC
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According to the latest data, Ethereum has settled at over $21 billion a day in value, whereas Bitcoin only managed to settle over $2.6 billion. The data was shared by a Twitter user named Crypto Maxi, who shared the tweet with the caption, “You tell me where the future lies.”

Ethereum settling over $21b a day in value while Bitcoin struggles to settle over $2.6b in value…

You tell me where the future lies pic.twitter.com/Ez0kcinM1W

— Crypto Maxi (@cryptoMaxi420) January 15, 2023

The tweet generally shows the user’s belief in Ethereum as a more potential coin than Bitcoin and other altcoins. However, some of the users considered this to be a pointless comparison as ETH is used as gas for dApps. The user also mentioned that BTC and ETH are fundamentally different, questioning his real point with the comparison.

The cryptocurrency market has been on a rally for the past three days, with major coins displaying double-digit gains over the past few days. Bitcoin, which was trading in the $16,000 range, spiked in value and surpassed the $21,000 price for a brief time. BTC is trading at $20,810 at press time, with a 20.99% gain in value over the last seven days.

Ethereum is no exception, as it gained 17.66% over the last seven days and is trading at $1540 at press time. Ethereum touched a high of $1579 from a low of $1160 before falling to its current price. Solana displayed a 45.5% gain in value over the last seven days. Decentraland is another altcoin with a 70% gain in value over the last seven days.

2022 was a tumultuous year for the cryptocurrency market, with plummeting prices and the breakdown of cryptocurrency behemoths. However, 2023 began on a positive note, but it is still unclear whether this is a short-lived rally or the beginning of a bullish market.

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