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Ankr Launches New Staking SDKs Enabling Liquid Staking on Most Popular Cryptocurrencies - TheNewsCrypto


thenewscrypto.com 02 August 2022 11:00, UTC
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Ankr has released the first staking SDKs in the industry to enable liquid staking on the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies. With the introduction of Ankr’s new Staking SDKs (software development kits), blockchain developers will be able to include liquid staking into their projects and platforms. Ankr provides SDKs for staking on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom, to name a few.

It is possible for developers to leverage the Staking SDKs to provide a new utility for users to stake tokens to earn rewards and get back a liquid token, which can then be used to acquire extra yield and services throughout web3. It’s as simple as connecting your wallet, deciding how much you’d want to stake, and getting rewarded for it every day.

Greg Gopman, the Chief Marketing Officer at Ankr, said:

“Our SDKs enable easy earning solutions for all Dapps, games, and every other web3 use case. This is something that will increase TVL not just for Ankr Staking, but for all the Proof-of-Stake chains we support.”

Smart contract APIs and RESTful-like APIs are two options for projects to incorporate staking capabilities with Ankr. Projects using JavaScript and TypeScript benefit substantially from the SDKs, while others may leverage smart contract APIs directly to streamline their integrations.

All of the Staking SDKs have been thoroughly vetted, rigorously tested, and have real users on projects such as Sikka Protocol, Helios Protocol, and Clover Finance.

The new staking solutions can be integrated on the backend of any project, while the front-end may be totally customized to meet the demands of the project’s community. By connecting to Ankr Staking on the backend, the staking solution is able to delegate its tokens to the most qualified validators while also creating fresh liquid stake coins that stakeholder users may store in their own wallets.

It is also possible for staking token holders to use the DeFi platforms to increase their revenues by transferring the liquid staking tokens in their wallets along with

  • Opportunities for mining liquidity
  • Farming Liquidity Providers’ rewards
  • Rewarding tokens that have been farmed
  • Automated vault incentives for yield farming
  • Enhanced trading opportunities to exit staking any time

When ANKR tokens may be staked in August, the staking money generated by Ankr Staking will be split with all ANKR token holders who have signed up for the service.

As a multichain staking-as-a-service platform, Ankr intends to give users, developers, apps, and institutions, a unified stake experience across all major blockchains.

By linking blockchains to each other in the background, Ankr makes it feasible for Dapps, wallets, and crypto-games to be used. Ankr is basically a utility service that powers all of the Web3 projects and Dapps that populate the city blocks. Liquid Staking, Web3 Gaming, and App Chains as a Service are some of its other Web3 development tools.

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