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Centrifuge partners with BlockTower and announces second $3M treasury sale


invezz.com 18 May 2022 16:03, UTC
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Centrifuge, a DeFi protocol for financing real-world assets, has announced a strategic partnership with BlockTower, a crypto and blockchain investment firm, and announced a $3 million treasury sale to build the future real-world assets on-chain. Following the partnership, BlockTower is expected to bring institutional capital and assets to the Centrifuge protocol and therefore significantly accelerate the financing of RWAs on-chain.

Besides the partnership announcement, Centrifuge also announced its second $3 million treasury token sale.

The partnership highlights the importance of investing in real-world assets for both crypto and traditional investors. It goes ahead to show BlockTower’s conviction in the future of RWAs while also underlining Centrifuge’s reputation as a leading DeFi protocol in the space of real-world assets.

About Centrifuge

Businesses can tokenize non-crypto assets like mortgages, consumer credits, and invoices with Centrifuge and create asset-backed pools that provide an investment opportunity.

Centrifuge democratizes assets to capital and allows businesses to transact directly with investors without requiring the interventions of intermediaries like banks. Basically, anyone can provide liquidity and in return earn interest plus rewards in Centrifuge Tokens (CFG), the native token of the Centrifuge Chain.

Following the partnership with BlockTower, Lucas Vogelsang, the CEO and Co-Founder of Centrifuge said:

“The value of Real-World Assets to DeFi is becoming increasingly clear as the technology matures and we see first major successes in this space. The partnership between BlockTower and Centrifuge is an exciting step to accelerate the adoption of DeFi in institutional capital.”

About BlockTower

As an institutional firm that focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain, it applies the skills of professional trading, risk and portfolio management, and investing in the field of digital assets.

It was founded in 2017 and employs strategies that spun the entire crypto market including liquidity investment, market neutral trading, credit and lending, and early-stage venture capital.

Following the partnership with Centrifuge, Matthew Goetz, the CEO, and Co-Founder of BlockTower Capital Advisors said:

“Blockchain technology has long held promise to overhaul the plumbing of the world’s financial services. To this end, BlockTower is excited to support the Centrifuge team as they democratize access to and generate efficiencies in the securitization industry; we believe these strategic partnerships are essential to usher in the future of finance.”

Both Centrifuge and BlockchTower will be present at the Permissionless Conference in Miami between May 17 and 19.

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