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Top 10 DeFi Updates | GunFire Hero Launch | Nov Week 3


www.altcoinbuzz.io 23 November 2021 10:05, UTC
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The DeFi space has continued to grow exponentially with an increasing number of use cases daily.

At Altcoin Buzz, we provide our readers with important information on some of the top DeFi updates in the crypto space. Therefore, this article contains the Top 10 DeFi Updates from last week.

1. CoinGecko “GeckoCon – NFTs Gone Wild” Conference

Coingecko’s much-anticipated NFT conference occurred last week. The theme “GeckoCon – NFTs Gone Wild” was held between November 17th and 19th, 2021.

In addition, the conference incorporated important segments like workshops, presentations, and fireside chats, etc. On the other hand, Altcoin Buzz was also the official media platform during the entire conference.

…that's a wrap🏁

Thanks everyone for being a part of our very first #GeckoCon! What an amazing 3️⃣ days!

A big shout to all our speakers, sponsors & partners for making this THE NFT conference of the year

We look forward to hosting you again soon!

Stay safe, and NFT on! pic.twitter.com/PUROLQp6MV

— CoinGecko (@coingecko) November 19, 2021

2. Unbound Finance | Avalanche Partnership

Last week, Unbound Finance partnered with Avalanche. Therefore,thanks to the partnership, Avalanche’s users will significantly increase their yields on AMM platforms.

Also, Avalanche is also known for its many AMM platforms. Some of them include Penguin, Pangolin, Trader Joe, etc.

We will never stop building!

We are extremely excited to launch our test-net on @avalancheavax – one of the fastest growing chain with exponentially increasing adoption!$AVAX $UND $UNB

Details:https://t.co/izSOtZm3ta pic.twitter.com/lMJYfH4SD0

— Unbound (@unboundfinance) November 18, 2021

3. Polkacity’s Partnership With Ferrum Network

On the other hand, Ferrum Network, known for empowering people with DeFi, has partnered with PolkaCity. As a result, the partnership will provide Polkacity with access to Ferrum’s staking infrastructure.

@FerrumNetwork is proud to announce our Strategic Collaboration with @PolkaCity (POLC).

PolkaCity will be integrating Ferrum's Staking technology to facilitate their upcoming metaplot sale. Join the PolkaCity staking program in order to be eligible to participate.

— Ferrum Network (@FerrumNetwork) November 20, 2021

4. Umbrella Network (UMB) Celebrates the First Anniversary

Last week, Umbrella Network celebrated its first anniversary. The past year has been an amazing one for Umbrella Network (UMB).

According to reports, the oracle platform entered into over 50 partnerships, has 25 AMAs, 5 product launches, eight exchange listings, etc.


..& we're looking back at our…

5 Mainnet & Product Launches
50+ Partnerships
25+ AMAs
8 Exchange Listings
1 Acquisition
1 Joint Collab in #GameFi

All made with the ❤️ of our 50k+ $UMB community

Read snapshot 👇https://t.co/hcm5lLqG3W pic.twitter.com/l7eXODMIrU

— Umbrella Network (@UmbNetwork) November 18, 2021

5. Step Hero Launched GunFire Hero Game

Famous gaming platform Step Hero has announced the launch of its GunFire Hero Game. In addition, this game is the first-ever Play-to-Earn (P2E) game on the Step Hero platform.

Also, Step Hero has been referred to as the one-stop shop for Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming.

The 1st game in #StepHero #PlayToEarn #Multiverse will be

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 GUNFIRE HERO
🔥🔥 🔥
🔥🔥#GameFi #P2Egame #play2earn #NFTs #NFTgaming #NFTgames pic.twitter.com/u4vB7Tpbhm

— Step Hero (@StepHeroNFTs) November 18, 2021

6. ODDZ Token Now on Coin98 Wallet

Oddz Finance’s native token, $ODDZ, is now live on Coin98 wallet. Therefore, users can now securely transfer, store, send, and receive $ODDZ tokens on Coin 98.

🎉 $ODDZ is favorably listed on @coin98_wallet

💰 The native token of Oddz Finance, $ODDZ (ERC20 and BEP20), is well supported by the Coin98 Wallet.

👉 Users can now be able to store, transfer or trade $ODDZ natively on Coin98 Wallet.

Enjoy Coin98 Wallet!💰#Oddz pic.twitter.com/3LkIoRWiL7

— oddz_finance (@oddz_finance) November 17, 2021

7. Efinity Crowdloan Now Live

Last week, the cross-chain NFT blockchain platform based on Enjin blockchain launched its crowdloan via its Polkadot.js wallet. As a result, the Efinity community can take part in voting in a decentralized way.

The Efinity Crowdloan is live!

Join the movement to decentralize the #Metaverse and bring NFTs to @Polkadot via our parachain.

Contribute now: https://t.co/QWrMdzR8fL$DOT #Parachain #Polkadot pic.twitter.com/Q99cXpX1Gd

— Efinity | Bringing NFTs to Polkadot (@efinityio) November 12, 2021

8. Chainlink Keepers Now on Polygon

Chainlink Keepers brings automation service for dapps as it goes live on Polygon mainnet network. Therefore, the recent launch will also bring decentralized execution, top-notch computation, and much lower costs to dApps.

1/3 🤩 @chainlink Keepers are now live on #Polygon PoS Mainnet!

🚀 Make your projects hum with secure smart contract automation services.

➡️ Learn more: https://t.co/v0QeLuOEF8 pic.twitter.com/xz02EYKjHf

— Polygon | $MATIC – We're hiring! (@0xPolygon) November 18, 2021

9. Binance NFT marketplace and Binance Labs Supports MOBOX

Last week, Binance Labs announced support for a metaverse game called MOBOX via an investment funding round. As a result, the fund will help to develop the MOMOverse and MOMO Chain. This, in turn, will help to finalize the launch of the Decentralized Autonomous Guild (DAG) that gamers have created.

Binance Labs Announces Another Strategic Investment! Read about their latest collaboration with metaverse game MOBOX@MOBOX_Official @BinanceLabs #BSCNews #NFT #GameFi #Crypto #CryptoNews #BSChttps://t.co/hQSbwv8Kh0

— BSC News (@news_of_bsc) November 21, 2021

10. Celer Network Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds

Finally, the popular oracle platform, Chainlink, has strategically partnered with the Celer network. Therefore, thanks to the partnership, Chainlink Price Feeds will provide secure and reliable oracle feeds for Celer Network’s native token $CELR. Therefore, bringing the platform closer to achieving its goal of global blockchain adoption.

Secure and reliable price oracles are a prerequisite for integrating new tokens into many #DeFi protocols.

This is why @CelerNetwork is sponsoring the launch of new #Chainlink Price Feeds for its native CELR token.

Learn why Celer chose Chainlink 👇https://t.co/ZqEz4b91YS

— Chainlink – Official Channel (@chainlink) November 19, 2021

Moreover, we hope you’ve learned from the latest Top 10 DeFi Updates.

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