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MakerDAO Surges: $100 Million Investment In RWAs Signals The Shift To Traditional Markets

source-logo  news.coincu.com 15 September 2023 10:43, UTC
These investments primarily focus on short-term U.S. Treasury bonds, boasting an annual interest rate of 4.5%. This move brings MakerDAO‘s total RWA assets to approximately $2.713 billion.

Notably, on September 7, MakerDAO added $50 million worth of assets to the DAI escrow fund, reinforcing its commitment to RWAs. Impressively, nearly 80% of the platform’s fee revenue over the past year stems from real-world assets, cementing its position as the third-largest DeFi protocol by total value locked.

However, RWAs have sparked debate within the community. Last August, founder Rune Christensen proposed a 25% hard limit on the protocol’s real-world asset collateral, which includes centralized stablecoins. This proposal came in response to the U.S. Treasury Department’s sanctions against Tornado Cash, raising concerns about broader government campaigns against digital assets.

RWAs are on-chain representations of physical or traditional financial assets, encompassing real estate, bonds, and invoices. The trend of transitioning to traditional assets is gaining momentum, with projects like Frax Finance exploring income sources from Government Bonds.

Furthermore, an alliance dedicated to advancing Real World Asset applications in the blockchain space, featuring industry heavyweights like Coinbase, Aave, and Circle, has recently been established, underscoring the growing interest in this sector.

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