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Top 10 DeFi Updates | September Week 2


www.altcoinbuzz.io 17 September 2021 08:35, UTC
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According to Statista, the DeFi marketcap has grown almost 3x since January 2021. This makes this crypto sector one of the fastest-growing in the ecosystem, giving us many important DeFi updates almost every day.

To keep our readers informed of the happenings in the DeFi space, we have published some of the most recent DeFi updates of the second week of September 2021.

1. Injective Labs Launch Trading Rebates

Interested persons can now earn rewards every time they trade on the Injective platform. Now anyone who provides liquidity on injective will also earn maker fee rebates. According to reports, these fee rebates are currently the highest in the cryptocurrency space.

You can now earn rewards every time you trade on Injective!

Now, anyone who helps provide order liquidity on Injective will earn the highest maker fee rebates in the entire crypto industry.

🪐Welcome to the Trade, Earn, Repeat Revolutionhttps://t.co/wLFqqKDg0F

— Injective Labs 🪐 (@InjectiveLabs) September 15, 2021

2. Kattana Partners With Kyber DMM

The popular crypto trading app, Kattana recently partnered with Kyber DMM. Thanks to the partnership, many more decentralized exchanges (DEXs) will join the Kattana terminal. Certainly, Kyber DMM is popularly known as a multichain DEX protocol and the first-ever DeFi dynamic market maker (DMM).

The list of available DEXs on the Kattana terminal has become even more abundant, thanks to the integration of @KyberNetwork ’s DMM 🌟

Read more about it here 👉https://t.co/qUqz6AG6lB #Kattana #KyberNetwork #KyberDMM pic.twitter.com/7n1LbiTf5z

— Kattana (@kattanatrade) September 15, 2021

3. Ferrum Network Partners With ApeSwap

ApeSwap recently disclosed a strategic integration with Ferrum Network’s Iron alliance. This last DeFi platform has moved to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Also, Ferrum’s tokens,  $FRM and $FRMx will furthermore be listed on ApeSwap.

We're joining @FerrumNetwork's Iron Alliance as they expand their tokens to #BSC 🤝

🪙 $FRM and $FRMx to be listed (Sept 15th)
🚜 Farm & Pool to open (Sept 15th)
🐵 #ApeSwap to be their preferred #BSC #DEX https://t.co/28Bucu3rw9

— ApeSwap.Finance (@ape_swap) September 14, 2021

4. Origin Protocol Partners With C.R.E.A.M. Finance

Origin protocol in partnership with C.R.E.A.M.Finance plans to link DeFi with the NFTs and the Metaverse ecosystem. As a result, users will have the opportunity to win NFTs every week when they lend or borrow Origin protocol’s OGN on C.R.E.A.M.Finance.

To celebrate our initiative with @CreamdotFinance to bridge DeFi with NFTs and the Metaverse, we’re giving away 4 @muddotxyz NFTs to users who borrow and lend $OGN on https://t.co/4pRKpuEXmZ.

Find out how you can win below 👇

— Origin Protocol (@OriginProtocol) September 10, 2021

5. Injective INJ-ETH Bridge is Live

Transferring assets across Ethereum and Injective will be easier now as the INJ-ETH bridge finally goes live. Transfers will be faster and more cost-effective thanks to the launch of the bridge. The bridge could also be a significant gateway to people interacting with the DeFi space for the first time.

The Injective Bridge is now live and offers seamless cross-chain interoperability.

🌉Transfer assets across Ethereum and Injective
⚡️Lightning fast with the lowest costs
⚛️A future gateway to DeFi across Ethereum, Injective and @cosmoshttps://t.co/B0dRSAYWpK

— Injective Labs 🪐 (@InjectiveLabs) September 14, 2021

6. Unifi Protocol Launches Unifi Labs

Unifi protocol has announced the launch of Unifi Labs to unify blockchains using decentralized finance (DeFi). The recently launched lab will enable continued innovation, research, and experimentation in the emerging blockchain sphere.

Introducing..Unifi Labs!👩‍🔬

🧪 Unifi Labs is the place where experimentation changes curiosity into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom, & wisdom then sparks inspiration!

Click below to find out more

Tweet #UnifiLabs if you have the next big idea in crypto! Let's make it happen

— Unifi Protocol (@unifiprotocol) September 9, 2021

7. BakerySwap Celebrates Anniversary With a Giveaway Campaign

BakerySwap recently celebrated its first anniversary. To commemorate this event, BakerySwap will be giving away 100 NFTs. Interestingly, BakerySwap recently published the names of the winners of its NFTs on Twitter.

🥳 Let's celebrate #BakerySwap 1st anniversary with #giveaways

🍩 100 commemorative #NFTs will be produced. Now we #airdrop 10 + $500 to Twitter community

To enter:
👉RT & tag 3 friends
👉Use #BakeryAnniversary

📅 Ends: Sept. 14th – $BAKE Anniversary date

Stay tuned for more! pic.twitter.com/eTeDYL8ffh

— BakerySwap (@bakery_swap) September 9, 2021

8. StepHero Partnered With Kyber Network

Step Hero, an NFT fantasy-themed RPG game built on BSC and Polygon, recently partnered with Kyber Network. Therefore, KyberDMM DEX will provide better token liquidity efficiency on BSC for StepHero. Interestingly, $150,000 $HERO tokens have been set aside as liquidity mining rewards.


From 13:00 UTC Sep 16, HERO-BNB LP Pool is available on #KyberDMM with $150,000 rewards in $HERO & $KNC. 🎉

Farm at https://t.co/G37he0VEIy

🍀$3000 prize pool for lucky winners. Details 👇https://t.co/mYrWXRf1Xi

— Step Hero (@StepHeroNFTs) September 16, 2021

9. Google Partners With Dapper Labs

Tech giant Google recently strategically partnered with Dapper Labs to facilitate the development of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Web 3.0 products, etc. As a result, Google Cloud will function as the network provider for the Flow blockchain to help Dapper to propagate its services using Google.

Amped to welcome Google to @flow_blockchain 🌊

In <1 year since #onFlow mainnet:

– 2.2M unique wallets, less than half from @nbatopshot
– 248 mainnet contracts (cf @flowverse_)
– 18.5M blocks and 49.7M tx

Now with 3000+ new devs building, Google jumps onboard to help scale 💪 https://t.co/0QmEdvogXh

— roham (@roham) September 14, 2021

10. PlasmaFinance Supports EIP-1559

Finishing with the latest DeFi updates, the increasing scalability issues on the Ethereum Network have led PlasmaFinance to announce support for Ethereum’s EIP-1559. The EIP-1559 will help facilitate easier management of gas fees. Now users will be able to complete their transactions using the EIP-1559 upgrade.

🚀 #PlasmaFinance supports #EIP1559 now live on @ethereum in preparation for the much-anticipated #ETH 2.0
Now you can set the Miner Tips (priority fee) and TX Max Fee right from #PlasmaGasStation with precise accuracy and control the speed of your TX

👉https://t.co/OhF1AkQhDp pic.twitter.com/zpCRQNYR8j

— Plasma.Finance – Bundle all DeFi in one dApp (@0xPlasma) September 14, 2021

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