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Lithium Finance Collaborates With Pantera Capital to Price the Unpriced


www.cryptonewsz.com 01 September 2021 10:44, UTC
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  • Lithium will now receive pricing data from the top crypto VC and investment fund on illiquid or private assets.
  • The early-joiners of blockchain domains, such as blockchain companies, will get help from this pricing feature. 
  • This collaboration is the result of Lithium’s plan to push fiat assets within DeFi ecosystem.

Lithium Finance has come up with a solution that will help them in pricing assets that are unpriced. It has onboarded Pantera Capital as one of its Wisdom Nodes. Pantera Capital is America’s leading hedge fund which specializes in cryptocurrency and also supports crypto investment which are of early-stage. It is the first, completely cryptocurrency dedicated investment firm. The firm has garnered huge popularity in the domain. It will assist wisdom seekers of Lithium by availing pricing information for the assets that were difficult to be priced before. 

The ecosystem of Lithium has always faced problems in the pricing domain. The interaction between Wisdom Seekers and Wisdom Nodes is instrumental in gaining the information on price.  The DMI feature helps to land on the correct answer on pricing. It does this by providing rewards to the nodes which give truthful responses. The nodes that provide baseless or malicious information are penalized. 

Pantera Capital’s collaboration with Lithium adds to the names of prestigious firms that can price illiquid or private assets. It is anticipated that this collaboration would help mend the gap between blockchain start-ups and DeFi investments and capital. 

According to David Lighton, co-founder, Lithium Finance, Pantera Capital is a privileged addition to the ecosystem. It is beneficial to the Wisdom seekers who need exact pricing on assets of private nature like newbie blockchain companies. They are on the path to expand their spectrum of Wisdom nodes and seekers to support their product rollout. 

The market also considers the partnership to be a great step for the community. It will undeniably help new joiners in the community.

As per Paul Veradittakit,  Partner, Pantera Capital, pricing is a tough challenge as they bring illiquid or private assets from the real world into the DeFi space. It is rather exciting to witness Lithium leveraging the decentralized wisdom to form an oracle solution that will ultimately help DeFi cope up in the future.

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