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FLURRY Finance Raises $3 Million from Iconic VCs, Teases IDO


u.today 20 July 2021 16:10, UTC
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FLURRY Finance addresses the aggregation of yield strategies in the segment of decentralilzed finances (DeFis). Now it concludes a strategic funding round, raising an impressive amount.

$3 million raised by FLURRY Finance

According to the press release that the FLURRY Finance team shared with U.Today, its strategic funding round has closed successfully. The net amount of $3 million has been raised from the top blockchain-focused VC teams.

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— Flurry Finance (@FlurryFi) July 19, 2021

AU21 Capital, GenBlock Capital, Shima Capital, CoinUnited.io, One Block, Soul Capital and Dutch Crypto Investors have proudly joined the suite of FLURRY Finance investors.

VC funds that backed the FLURRY Finance strategic round are excited about its prospects as well by the upcoming phases of the mainstream adoption of the DeFi segment. AU21 Capital representatives stressed that:

With its founding team of seasoned operators who have extensive experience in this space, FLURRY Finance is pioneering the global trend towards yield aggregation. We are proud to back FLURRY Finance and eager to see the next step in their journey. We look forward to supporting the team in its next phase of development as it continues delivering on growth and innovation 

With its cross-chain stablecoin-pegged token rhoToken, FLURRY Finance is going to release DeFi "yield aggregation" products that can outperform existing solutions for passive income.

Initial DEX offering is expected in Q3, 2021

Largely, the funds secured in the latest funding round will be spent to facilitate FLURRY Finance, progress as well as for the preparation of its much-anticipated IDO.

The initial decentralized exchange offering is going to provide all crypto enthusiasts with exposure to FLURRY Finance liquidity in the coming weeks.

Also, these funds will fuel the implementation of cross-blockchain fucnctionality for FLURRY Finance's assets and mechanisms. The platform is going to go cross-chain by Q4, 2021.

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