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Forthewin Network adds three new pools to Double Farm


neonewstoday.com 18 August 2022 22:48, UTC
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Forthewin Network has added three new pools to its Double Farm feature, which allows users to restake LP tokens for varying reward APRs. Whereas the Farm module has a fixed APR of 90%, Double Farm’s rewards vary depending on the amount of LP tokens staked. The higher the value of LP tokens staked in the pool, the lower the APR returns. The new Double Farm pools include:

  • bNEO/fUSDT

Source: Forthewin Network

The first Double Farm pool launched in July 2022 with bNEO/NEP, and more have slowly been added as the team has allocated rewards for the pools. In addition to the three new pools, other Double Farm pools include NEP/fUSDT, NEP/GAS, bNEO/NEP, and bNEO/GAS.

The Forthewin Network development team is currently participating in the five-week Draper University blockchain entrepreneurship program, designed to help participants learn from leading startup mentors and provide them the opportunity to present their projects to Venture Capital firms for further investment and incubation.

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