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Keepers and VRF integrated into Avalanche blockchain: better security and functionality


www.thecoinrepublic.com 14 June 2022 17:30, UTC
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Avalanche stated that Chainlink Keepers and Chainlink VRF have been integrated into its principal network. 

It is anticipated to help both Avalanche developers and users by improving application security and functionality.


The connection allows the community to benefit from smart contract automation. As a result, the DeFi experience is made easier. 

Avalanche’s developers now have a new approach to improve the reliability and security of their smart contract by integrating Chainlink Keepers.

The integration also aids in the reduction of effort, the reduction of time to market, the addition of sophisticated features, and the simplification of the user experience.

Limit orders, liquidation of undercollateralized positions, and harvesting yield from vaults are just a few of the Smart Contract operations that may be automated.

Chainlink Keeper contributes to these advantages by employing a decentralized network to safely and effectively monitor logic off-chain. 

An on-chain transaction is started to execute a smart contract when preset circumstances are satisfied.

Chainlink’s trust-minimized services, according to Oxtender, a Co-Founder of Crabada, were important for Web3 gaming applications. 

Chainlink Keepers’ automated smart contract services, according to Oxtender, reduce the time for developers while also offering a tamper-proof source of randomness.

What users can do?

Grape Finance picked Chainlink Keepers for its security and reliability automation of smart contract functions, according to LB, the company’s founder. 

Chainlink Keepers, according to LB, save developers time by boosting the protocol’s efficiency. 

Avalanche’s developers benefit from Chainlink VRF in a number of ways.

Chainlink VRF allows customers to request numerous random numbers in a single transaction by utilizing a VRF Coordinator contract, minimizing the cost and response delay.

Users can finance up to a hundred smart contract addresses using Chainlink VRF, and their requests are funded from a single subscription balance that the subscription owner administers.

PoolTogether’s Chief Technical Officer, Brendan Asselstine, claimed the firm selects winners in its V3 and V4 pools using Chainlink VRF on Avalanche. 

The incredible openness and security of this relationship are what draw people in. 

The connection, according to Emin Gun Sirer, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Ava Labs, is a significant milestone for Avalanche builders, who can create and release apps quickly.

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