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The Socially-conscious Shopping Rewards App You Need Right Now

coinquora.com 10 May 2022 15:32, UTC
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All the SocialGood projects are based on the company’s core belief in making society better. Among the company’s services is the SocialGood Ecosystem™, an app that provides consumers with assets for free. The more users purchase the products, the more they increase their assets. At the same time, this contributes to the growth of society. Merchants such as AliExpress, eBay, Lazada, Nike, and Booking.com have joined this ecosystem and partnerships have been secured with over 1,800 major companies and brands globally.

As the SocialGood Ecosystem™ expands, the more potential it has to improve society. The main goal of Social Good Foundation Inc. is to create change and improve the way the current capitalist system works by utilizing AI and blockchain technology to deliver more value and assets to app users.

SocialGood adheres to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG), contributing to its achievement of an equitable future for everyone. The 17 goals focus on humanity, nature, society, and the environment.

Sustainable shopping recognizes that everything we buy has health, environmental, and social impacts. This is the community’s chance to support something that aligns with their beliefs.

The SocialGood project created a business model where users get to shop for goods, while being rewarded with crypto. By shopping from the partner companies on the SocialGood app, SocialGood has provided Crypto Back rewards in SG to all users who have made purchases through the app when they’ve met the terms and conditions.

The SocialGood App is user-friendly and easy to use. By allowing users to gain crypto in a very straightforward manner, the app introduces digital assets to individuals who are new to the crypto space.

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