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NEM Ukraine Acquaint National Bank of Ukraine with Blockchain Technology


blokt.com 03 December 2018 17:30, UTC
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Recently the NEM Ukraine team acquainted representatives from the National Bank of Ukraine with the advantages of the NEM blockchain.

A Meetup To Discuss Blockchain

NEM Ukraine organized a meetup titled “Blockchain: features and examples of use in the private and public sectors” with help from Mikhail Vidyakin, the director of the Department of Strategy and Reform of the National Bank of Ukraine on November 28th.


The program included three important reports. The first was “Why blockchain? Elements and features of technology”, by Anton Bosenko. The second report was “Case studies on the use of technology blockade in business” by Eugene Klyukin. The third report was “Case studies on the use of blockade technology in public administration” by Oleksiy Launberg.

The event kicked off with a speech by Sergei Kholod, the deputy head of National Bank of Ukraine. He said that the bank is open to integration with innovative technology as it intends to reshape the cashless economy and improve the electronic payment system.

Positive Responses Emerge From the Event

Anton Bosenko, the leader of NEM Ukraine, noted that the team didn’t expect interest from the National Bank of Ukraine at first. He said:

“Then we saw that this institution has people, who are interested in innovations and who consider blockchain as a promising technology for use in a variety of solutions. So, we hope that soon we will see joint experiments with the NBU, based on the NEM blockchain”.

Vidyakin also suggested that the National Bank cannot avoid the technological progress in the sector as it could be helpful for the development of the financial ecosystem of Ukraine. He said that the innovative thinkers of the bank decided to meet the representatives of the blockchain industry because they think that the technology could solve several issues with “information security and confidence in databases and market participants among themselves and in public processes.”



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