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Blockchain Companies Like Fight to Fame Are Transforming The Sports Entertainment Industry


btcmanager.com 09 June 2020 09:30, UTC
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Blockchain technology is not just about cryptocurrencies today; it goes beyond that which not many of us know. This open-source, powerful technology is today being used to redefine the sports and entertainment industries globally. One of the best instances of this is the new-age Blockchain-based company, Fight to Fame which is one of the leaders in revolutionizing the world of sports.

Uses of Blockchain by Sports and Media Houses

The best thing about Blockchain is that it comes with highly complex cryptographic algorithms that make it robust, and highly secure. Based on its features, sports and media houses are turning to Blockchain companies for

Enabling Smart Contracts

One of the most astonishing features of the Blockchain technology, it can automate numerous complex transactions in a single go. This will also trigger the collaboration of investors and athletes where both parties will enjoy a considerable share of profit.

Providing Big Data Security

Blockchain acts just like a public ledger displaying immutable characteristics and therefore you can use it for data storage. If two or more interested users are sharing business-related data or even personal information they can easily go forward because this platform owns topnotch security. All the information related to brands, athletes, and even the teams involved can be effectively stored in the Blockchain. As a result of the secured storage of data, a user would not have to tackle any erroneous data. Also, since the biometrics and statistics of the professional data are essential information, it can be stored without the threats of security breaches.

Organizers of major sports events are relying on this innovative Blockchain technology to set up a pay-per-click viewing of various events too. The best about this is that the entire process eliminates the need for any middleman, it used the in-built cryptographic feature to authenticate users.

How Is Fight to Fame Revolutionizing the Combat Sports Industry Using Blockchain?

Blockchain-based companies like Fight to Fame are the front-runners in establishing transparency and boosting greater popularity among fans today. Some of the most groundbreaking transformations induced by Fight to Fame include –

Prevention of Doping in Sports

Even with the advancement of various technologies, doping among athletes is still on the rise. Although the sporting authority has tried out various methods in the past to keep athletes in check, still doping is continuing to hamper the integrity of the sports authority. But now with the help of Blockchain technology, medical reports of athletes can be stored into the network so that it can pass through several tests to get authenticated. The cryptographic algorithms in it keep the entire system sealed and foolproof, thereby saving the industry from the problems arising from doping and drug abuse by sportspersons.

Boosting Fan Engagement

Fight to Fame aims to optimize processes that involve viewers and fans like the sale of tickets and declaration of hampers which in turn will ensure transparency and boost brand goodwill. Using crypto tokens for voting during the shows will ensure fairness and establish greater credibility, which will certainly have a positive influence on their fans.

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