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VeChain (VET) and I-Dante Unveil Healthcare Data Management Platform to Tackle COVID-19


btcmanager.com 17 May 2020 00:30, UTC
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VeChain (VET) a blockchain technology-based project focused on streamlining the global supply chain fabric has partnered with I-Dante to develop a medical data management platform called E-NewHealthLife to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

VeChain Rises to the Occasion to Help the Healthcare Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has, to date, infected more than 4.6 million people worldwide and contributed to the unfortunate demise of approximately 300,000 individuals. The pandemic has disrupted the global economy unlike anything since World War II and there are no clear signs of it coming to an end anytime soon.

The sheer strain caused by COVID-19 on the worldwide healthcare infrastructure has been enormous, to say the least. The pandemic has highlighted several issues with the current state of the healthcare space and necessitated its immediate digitization for a rapid, synchronized, and more efficient response.

Identifying this urgent need for the implementation of digital technologies, VeChain has decided to leverage its expertise in blockchain solutions by allying with I-Dante. Per sources close to the matter, the two entities have jointly developed a distributed ledger technology-based (DLT) platform called E-NewHealthLife to help in medical data management.

#VeChain & I-Dante have co-developed a #blockchain-enabled medical data management platform to be used in hospitals in Cyprus. This paves the way for further expansion into the entire national healthcare system of the Republic of Cyprus and the wider EU.https://t.co/HsXm1FEpDb

— VeChain Foundation (@vechainofficial) May 16, 2020

Notably, the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus – a hospital under the General Healthcare System of the Republic of Cyprus – will be the first hospital to adopt this application.

What Does E-NewHealthLife Do?

Introduced in the Emergency Department of the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, E-NewHealthLife will help the medical facility in multiple ways.

It will aid the institution in the secured sharing of sensitive data while complying with the increasingly strict regulations on the use and sharing of patient data. Notably, the project is currently in its first phase, and should the results come promising, it is expected the platform will be used to help the hospital in various other ways.

Further, the platform also supports the Digital Healthcare Passport which is an encrypted NFC Card powered by VeChain ToolChain that can be assigned to any patient of the hospital. The Passport allows the patients to identify themselves automatically at the Emergency Room registration desk, check their queue on mobile phones, and manage their own records safely with the E-NewHealthLife Web App.

It’s worth noting that E-NewHealthLife complies fully with the EU’s GDPR, enabling users to have complete ownership over their profile and medical records. Data from the app can only be shared with 3rd parties with the permission of the user.

This effort by VeChain is one of the numerous attempts made by DLT projects to aid the healthcare workers in the fight against the COVID-19 menace.

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