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Lamborghini Launches Digital Stamps For Its Most Iconic Models Guaranteed By Blockchain


cryptopotato.com 16 May 2020 19:30, UTC
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One of the most recognized luxury sports car manufacturers, Automobili Lamborghini, has launched a limited digital stamp collection for selected vehicle models. The company is partnering up with Bitstamps, and by utilizing blockchain technology, they guarantee the history and uniqueness of each digital stamp.

Lambo And Blockchain

According to the company’s website, Lamborghini already launched the first digital stamp in honor of its newest model – Huracan EVO RWD Spyder. The Italian-based manufacturer unveiled the new supercar at the start of May 2020, after reopening its operations following the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The Huracan-based stamp will be the first in this themed series dubbed The Automobili Lamborghini Collection. The digital stamp of the V10 supercar is already available for purchase, and the announcement informed that it will be issued in a limited and numbered edition of 20,000 pieces.

The company plans to feature more than 29 of its most iconic vehicles. Buyers will be able to purchase, collect, or resell each digital stamp, just like a regular paper one.

To make a purchase, Lamborghini fans have to download the Bitstamps App, where they will also be able to store their stamps and check their collection progress. Additionally, buyers can decide whether to give the stamps as gifts by sending them with an e-card or resell them on the Marketplace, which should open in the next few months.

According to the official announcement, “each stamp is a “single” digital object: its history and its uniqueness are guaranteed by blockchain technology.”

Lamborghini And Bitcoin

Aside from this recent utilization of blockchain technology, the popular Italian brand has its fair share of history with the cryptocurrency space.

“When Lambo” has become a widely famous term within the community, signaling a success story involving Bitcoin. Its popularity grew fast and led to the creation of a website that could calculate how many bitcoins one needs to purchase a Lamborghini model.

Some Lamborghini dealerships reported that they are actually accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for car purchases. Moreover, they even noted that the number of transactions involving digital assets has increased, especially around the 2017 parabolic price surge.

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