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Japanese Giant Sony Taps Blockchain To Develop a Database Platform


cryptopotato.com 23 April 2020 09:40, UTC
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The multinational corporate giant Sony announced its common database platform – Blockchain Common Database (BCDB), which will use Blockchain technology for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Independently developed by Sony, it will serve as a next-gen digital service integrating multiple transportation systems and services.

BCDB to Improve The Means of Transportation

MaaS integrates a variety of transportation, including trains, buses, car sharing, on-demand mobility services, and even bike rentals. All this is enabled through IT and cloud technology, which provides users with the necessary data on routes to given destinations, and also recommended transportation ways plus additional services.

It also offers specific details on a route, travel time, and the overall cost of the chosen service – basically the whole process of arranging a trip to its clearing.

It’s All About Data And Rationalisation

As Sony announced in a press release today, The Blockchain Common Database will feature a high-speed info-processing technology which will make things easier for more than 7 million traveling and commuting users per day. It will enable them to keep track and share their anonymized personal travel activity and revenue allocations – a sufficient option, especially for big cities.

Sony already has such experience in participating in the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management’s MaaS “Blockchain Challenge Program” in 2019. The company led a verification test of BCDB, which ended in March 2020, being the only one to fulfill the ministry’s specifications.

Organizations in Europe are already proactively trying to implement a variety of actions to promote MaaS. Usage of BCDB in the digital transportation environment may lead to significant improvements in the travel efficiency and rationalization, managing records of the movements and revenue allocations.

According to Sony, BCDB is being calibrated for faster data processing and is not to be limited only to MaaS. The Common Database Platform might come-at-able as a tool for recording and sharing various forms of sensor data related to the potential development of smart cities.

Several other companies are up to Blockchain technology for additional purposes. Among them are Microsoft, Circle, Intel, Visa, Amazon, Walmart, etc. IBM, for instance, who use it in a variety of tracking projects in shipping, banking, healthcare, and food safety, digitizing a whole pile of paper-based tracking systems into digital.

Most recently, CryptoPotato reported that the US-based Cargill Incorporated and the Singaporean international trading company Agrocorp completed a wheat shipment deal worth $12 million with the assistance of blockchain technology.

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