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EMURGO Uses Cardano Protocol to Design Traceability Solution for Enterprises


newslogical.com 02 April 2020 06:00, UTC
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A strong founding member of Cardano Protocol, EMURGO, has launched a blockchain-based traceability solution focusing on revolutionizing tracking standards in the supply chain sector.

The universal blockchain solution provider is launching the enterprise solution, which makes use of Cardano Protocol, to bring captivating values to the supply chain industry’s stakeholders and consumers at large.

The EMURGO Traceability Solution comes as the maiden blockchain-based enterprise solution invented by EMURGO’s Enterprise unit.

Upon achieving the traceability solution, EMURGO collaborated with Blue Korintji Coffee, an environmentally-sensible coffee brand in Indonesia.

The coffee brand becomes the first to test-run and fully integrate the EMURGO Traceability Solution in its coffee supply chain. This benefits the Blue Korintji Coffee’s stakeholders, which includes the farmers and consumers.

The solution employs Cardano blockchain technology to heighten the visibility of purchasing prices between stakeholders while also assuring the immutability of accrued private information.

The coffee brand is as well dedicated to giving back to farmers by pooling a portion of sales revenue utilizing this innovation into production sustainability.

EMURGO CEO, Ken Kodama, said “EMURGO Traceability Solution is a breakthrough enterprise application providing a real solution to tackle inefficiencies in today’s supply chain industries. EMURGO is delighted to partner with Blue Korintji Coffee and integrate this solution, bringing a tangible real world application of blockchain technology to farmers, enterprises, and consumers, and shining light on the benefits the technology carries for everyone”.

Budi Isman, Blue Korintji Coffee Founder, said the brand “is excited to partner with leading global blockchain technology solutions provider EMURGO, and offer an innovative tech solution that will improve the lives of local Indonesian farmers, businesses, and consumers.”

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