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LBank Launches MetaExpand on Its Launchpad to Bridge the Gap between Blockchain and the Metaverse

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 18 September 2023 12:38, UTC

Market expectations of GameFi, also known as ‘X to Earn,’ are rising. LBank’s first Launchpad initiative, PINS (Chat to Earn), rose 1600% in value last month despite market challenges. LBank launched Project MetaExpand, its second GameFi Launchpad program. This project helps bridge the technological gap between public blockchain networks and the Metaverse apps.

Twitter Influencers Predict GameFi’s Web3 Boom in the Coming Months

MetaExpand offers plugins and development standards for storage, communication, privacy, cross-chain, and transactions. These components allow developers to create Metaverse apps without the complexity of blockchain technology. ‘Jurassic Virus,’ a Metaverse program, lets users explore and interact in a complex virtual world.

Famous Twitter KOLs like @Rocky_Bitcoin predict that GameFi will become a Web3 sensation. After visiting Kuala Lumpur, @Rocky_Bitcoin expects GameFi growth in the second part of the year.

While numerous aggressive trading cases have included large amounts of GameFi tokens, most exchanges have selected strong and promising assets. Market performance has been good for the above tokens. Examples include MetaMecha’s 20% KUCOIN spike. Typeit also grew 1322% on Bitget and LBANK. PINS rose 1600% on LBANK.

GameFi currencies are gaining legitimacy and potential as mainstream exchanges evaluate them. Exchanges that often supply coins must be cautious. The MEXC Rainbow Token (RBW) has risen 169% in value. However, Eternal World (ETL), Wrapped Moxy (WMOXY), and BitCoin Battle (BBC) have dropped by up to 50%.

LBank’s PINS IEO Sees Phenomenal 1600% Price Surge

GameFi (X to Earn) tokens’ repeated inclusion and strong performance indicates market interest and trust in this new business. Due to the risks, investors and participants must conduct thorough research and risk assessments before participating.

GameFi (X to Earn) tokens on major exchanges have increased in recent months. This research will examine LBank’s latest Launchpad venture, PINS, to get insights on Project MetaExpand (UMM). The LBank Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) saw PINS Network token prices rise by 1600%.

Based on the project’s $1,000 fundraising restriction, the first participants in the first Exchange Offering (IEO) might earn up to $16,000. Chat to Earn by PINS Network, a social Metaverse enterprise, lets users tweet more to interact with their NFT pet, Noki. With 14.9K followers, 50K views, and 6K interactions, the X to Earn campaigns have a large user base beyond price speculation.