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zkSync’s Overall Transaction Volume Topped 20 Million After The Arbitrum Super Airdrop Ended

source-logo  news.coincu.com 25 March 2023 09:53, UTC
The amount of zkSync transactions has grown significantly, surpassing 20 million.

According to Dune Analytics, the Ethereum L2 extension solution zkSync has had a transaction volume of around 2,025,135 this week, and the 7-day average transaction volume has reached a new high. The overall transaction volume has already surpassed 20 million.

The technique is founded on zero-knowledge proofs, allowing for great degrees of confidentiality and secrecy. Furthermore, zkSync has been lauded for its ease of use and ability to handle a diverse spectrum of coins, making it a popular choice among Ethereum users. As more individuals discover the benefits of zkSync, its transaction volume is certain to increase, solidifying its position as an important participant in the field of blockchain technology.

One of zkSync’s primary features is the use of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to assure transaction integrity. ZKPs enable users to demonstrate that particular information is correct without disclosing any extra information. As a result, zkSync transactions are extremely safe and private. This Layer 2 solution is also noted for its rapid transaction speeds and cheap gas prices, making it an appealing alternative for anybody wishing to transact on the Ethereum network.

According to Coincu, the retroactive Arbitrum impact crossed a total of $871 million to this platform. Based on the on-chain data given by Nansen, users tend to be particularly interested in the retroactive capabilities of zkSync, a layer-2 solution that belongs to the zk-Rollups group on Ethereum.

The community is racing to find outstanding enterprises that have not yet launched tokens in order to compete for “retro” and the opportunity to “transform life.” Other suggested names are LayerZero, zkEVM Scroll solution, web3 social network Lens Protocol, Metamask wallet, and others.

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