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Rollkit Facilitates Rollup Development On The Bitcoin Infrastructure


news.coincu.com 06 March 2023 10:26, UTC
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Rollkit, a toolkit that aids in the development of Rollup, has now released a new module version that allows projects to construct EVM-compatible scaling solutions directly on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Rollkit stated in its article that it has tried supporting EVM (Ethereum’s virtual machine technology) directly on Bitcoin’s data and consensus layer. Rollkit stated on Twitter that it will provide a module that would allow Rollups to leverage Bitcoin infrastructure as a data source. Celestia’s Rollkit is a collection of application APIs that enable projects to swiftly deploy Rollups while also using Celestia’s data availability architecture.

Cosensus and data availability activities will be handled by Bitcoin’s infrastructure layer. Simultaneously, this solution will handle the Execution step and develop the Rollup build tools for future applications. Significantly, Rollkit stated in its article that it has tried supporting EVM directly on Bitcoin’s data and consensus layer. This revelation elicited conflicting reactions from the Twitter community, the majority of which stemmed from the announcement of the NFT Ordinals collection. The community is still divided over whether Bitcoin should function as an ecosystem of DApps and NFT collections.

In response to the news about gas prices while uploading data to Bitcoin, an account named Eric Wall submitted a simple math that resulted in data use on Bitcoin being 7 times cheaper than on Ethereum. Some people believe that the concept of a “Bitcoin rollup” is worthless and that it is simply transferring block data to Bitcoin rather than being innovative.

“Rollup on Bitcoin is essentially just another Layer-1 solution that wants to submit its block data to Bitcoin. It isn’t a Layer-2 solution. For me, the easiest approach to demonstrate this myth is to create an L2 solution using Zero-Knowledge technology and then publish the data on Bitcoin.”

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