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Tencent Cloud’s New Blockchain Services Empower Web3 Developers


news.coincu.com 22 February 2023 10:08, UTC
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Tencent Cloud, a technology company, announced its support for the development of Web3, which is a decentralized internet ecosystem. They will introduce a series of blockchain API services and a Metaverse-in-a-Box product to help Web3 developers.

Tencent Cloud is ready to provide strong technical support for Web3 through years of experience in the game and audio and video fields, and cooperate with industry partners to provide a more immersive experience and jointly cultivate more A wonderful Web3 ecosystem.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International said

Tencent Cloud will also support Web3 developers and businesses in areas such as security, storage, identity management, development tools, and data analysis through its Web3 Ecosystem Alliance. The company will provide cloud service vouchers, marketing workshops, and publicity opportunities.

They have jointly signed a cooperation agreement with Ankr, a Web3 infrastructure provider, to develop a series of blockchain API services. Additionally, Tencent has formed partnerships with three other Web3 blockchain companies, Avalanche, Scroll, and Sui, to provide more support to developers.

Tencent Cloud Metaverse-in-a-Box meets the needs of customers and developers for different scenarios, helping them obtain better real-time interactive experience, larger-scale communication, and more Secure access services, quickly build online, video, and virtual metaverse scene applications.

Tommy Li, vice president of Tencent Cloud said

The Web3 Build Day marks Tencent Cloud’s inaugural global summit dedicated to Web3. This event is set to feature notable industry partners and Web3 experts from Tencent Research Institute, who will convene to explore the latest developments in blockchain technology and emerging trends in Web3 games and social networks.

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