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Starkware open-sources latest version of its Cairo programming language


www.theblock.co 24 November 2022 16:50, UTC
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Blockchain development firm Starkware has open-sourced a new release of its programming language Cairo — the first step in a wider move to make its entire blockchain stack for StarkNet open source.

Cairo underpins Starkware's Layer 2 networks, StarkNet and StarkEx. This is the first major release for the language since it was created and the new version will soon be brought to StarkNet, according to a statement.

“On a practical level this maximizes transparency about our code, and our coding process. And it strengthens the community’s ability to find bugs and improve the compiler. With each aspect of the tech stack that is open sourced, this sense of community involvement will grow and grow,” Abdelhamid Bakhta, exploration lead at StarkWare and former Ethereum core developer, said in the statement.

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