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Sony has applied for a patent for betting with cryptocurrencies


en.cryptonomist.ch 01 September 2021 09:40, UTC
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PlayStation creator Sony has apparently applied for a patent to allow its users to bet within videogames using cryptocurrencies.

Sony’s patent would allow users to bet on live video game matches using cryptocurrencies.

What does Sony’s patent say about cryptocurrencies?

To be precise, according to Livecoins.com, Sony has applied to register the ‘PlayStation’ trademark in Brazil to transact in cryptocurrencies.

In fact, PlayStation would like to allow the trading of cryptocurrencies among its users, as stated on the INPI website, i.e. the National Institute of Intellectual Property, a patent registration body in Brazil. 

As stated on the patent document, Sony would in fact be applying for 

“cryptocurrency trading for use by members of an online community through a worldwide computer network; Cryptocurrency exchange services for use by members of an online community through a worldwide computer network.”

It should be noted that the process of registering the patent with INPI is in its early stages, as it is awaiting any oppositions which can be filed within 60 days from Tuesday 31 August 2021. 

Sony and the Bitcoin-related patent

In fact, back in May 2021, Sony had filed a patent application for a betting platform that could also accept bitcoin

In this case, it was application US20210142624 filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. with the United States Patent Office, and which had as its subject matter an “e-sports betting platform”, a kind of multimedia digital “casino” on e-sports that also wants to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Sony and the investment in Bitwala

In July 2019, Sony had also invested in the Bitwala platform by participating in a $14.5 million investment round together with NKB Group.

Sony’s investment in Bitwala was intended to increase users to the platform, which allows its customers to exchange bitcoin directly from one bank account to another, thanks to the services offered by solarisBank.

Ubisoft in the world of cryptocurrencies

Another gaming giant also entered the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain a few years ago. We are talking about Ubisoft, which already in September 2018 had funded a hackathon for blockchain-based video games.

In June 2019, Ubisoft was also developing a new game based on the Ethereum blockchain and a shop for in-game items based on Ethereum.

In addition, in November 2019 the company had decided to test the blockchain of Ultra, an EOS-based video game and e-game development platform.

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