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Red village partners Umbria to create seamless blockchain P2E gaming experience


www.cryptopolitan.com 18 January 2022 18:45, UTC
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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Umbria, Red village partner for improved experience for P2E gamers
  • More and more NFT game developers continue to adopt Umbria Narni bridge

Umbria Network has partnered with The Red Village community to provide fast, cheap and easy way to bridge ETH to the Polygon network (WETH) via its new bridge widget.

The Red Village is the first dark-fantasy Play-to-Earn (P2E) multiplayer NFT game on the Polygon network (formerly MATIC). NFT ‘Champions’ – characters played within the game – exist on Polygon.

In order to purchase Champions, gamers will need to convert their Ether ($ETH) from the Ethereum mainnet to wrapped ETH on the Polygon network. Players will also require WETH to pay the buy-in when competing in the game’s flagship fighting Tournaments.

Umbria’s Narni bridge widget will enable them to do this faster and at approximately a 90 percent discount to other solutions.

Umbria’s Narni Bridge has already been heavily adopted by the NFT community. The widget has all the core functionality of Narni and can be fully integrated into third-party sites.

Umbria developers have worked closely with The Red Village to help design a custom, rebranded bridge for its platform whereby players remain within the game’s ecosystem and can easily migrate their assets to the correct chain to enjoy a superior, frictionless user experience.

Unique experience games will enjoy after Umbria, Red Village partnership

“The widget brings the huge speed and cost-saving advantages of the Narni bridge to end-users inconspicuously within their native environment,” said Oscar Chambers, Co-founder/lead developer of Umbria Network. “We’re delighted to have The Red Village as the premier test case for the widget and are excited to be bringing the Narni experience to this wider gaming audience.”

Lucien Dorman, Co-founder of The Red Village, commented: “We’ve seen the Narni bridge used elsewhere in blockchain gaming to great success and are thrilled to now have our own custom ‘The Red Village’ branded widget built for in-game use. Not only will this make our player experience easier, but also greatly reduce costs for players. It’s a win-win!”

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