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SubQuery Boosts Blockchain Environment with Support for Arbitrum’s Goerli Testnet

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 28 September 2023 13:27, UTC

SubQuery now supports Arbitrum’s Goerli Testnet, improving the blockchain environment. This development should help Arbitrum developers during testing and production. Offchain Labs invented Arbitrum, an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution. Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova are the system’s main components, tailored for different use cases.

Arbitrum One Revolutionizes Transactions with Ethereum’s Security for Gaming and Social Finance

Arbitrum One uses Ethereum’s sophisticated security mechanisms to handle transactions quickly and cheaply. An optimistic rollup strategy combines fast transaction processing with robust security architecture.

This component is compatible with numerous gaming, metaverse, and social finance apps. The technology quickly verifies and expedites transactions at low cost without lowering trust.

SubQuery is a decentralized and personalized data indexing system that helps blockchain developers manage and query on-chain data for their projects and apps. The platform’s unique API and streamlined backend layer let developers focus on product creation and user experience rather than indexing solution construction.

Moving from The Graph to SubQuery is easy and improves indexing for current users. A simple conversion from a SubGraph project to a SubQuery project is made easier by comprehensive guidance. Depending on the complexity of the project, this changeover might take one to several hours.

Blockchain Developers Benefit from SubQuery and Arbitrum Partnership

SubQuery’s main goal is to decentralize and tokenize its protocol, with a focus on the SubQuery Network. To create a useful and validated ecosystem, the proposed network would provide indexing and data services to projects globally. In addition to Arbitrum projects, the SubQuery Network will support suitable Layer-1 projects.

For blockchain developers, SubQuery and Arbitrum’s partnership is significant. With Arbitrum and other Layer-1 networks, SubQuery may improve and enhance data indexing. This phenomena promotes the blockchain ecosystem’s overall growth.

By adding Arbitrum’s Goerli Testnet, SubQuery shows its commitment to providing full blockchain tools and services. This alliance enhances blockchain development and gives developers the resources to build groundbreaking decentralized apps.

The inclusion of SubQuery’s support for Arbitrum’s Goerli Testnet represents a significant advancement in the field of blockchain development. This cooperation highlights the dedication to fostering innovation and advancement within the blockchain ecosystem. It will provide developers with the necessary tools and capabilities to boost the development of revolutionary decentralized solutions.