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Shielding Enterprises from Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: Introducing Quant Smart Audit

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 26 September 2023 10:41, UTC

Rising to Combat a Multibillion-Dollar Threat

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, smart contract security stands as a crucial pillar. Even as decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions offer transformative possibilities, they remain vulnerable. $3.8 billion was swiped by hackers in 2022, marking the largest heist year for blockchain-driven solutions. Notably, DeFi platforms, especially cross-chain bridges, were the prime targets, indicating a glaring security gap.

Recognizing this imminent threat, a cutting-edge service has emerged: Quant Smart Audit. Crafted for financial institutions, payment providers, and varied enterprises, this solution is designed to arm businesses in their transition to decentralized systems, aiding their shift from traditional cloud structures to more advanced distributed ledger platforms.

Introducing Quant Protect: Blockchain Security Reinvented

Quant Smart Audit is the pioneering service under the Quant Protect umbrella – a collection of enterprise-grade security offerings tailored for blockchain networks. Backed by the same masterminds behind the revolutionary Project Rosalind – a retail central bank digital currency initiative – Quant Smart Audit ensures that smart contracts are thoroughly evaluated, reinforcing them against potential vulnerabilities.

The essence of blockchain networks is their robust security. However, the applications resting on them, primarily smart contracts, remain susceptible. These contracts oversee crucial protocols and can, if not meticulously crafted and vetted, become avenues for malicious incursions.

Setting the Bar High for Smart Contract Auditing

What sets Quant’s service apart is its dedication to impeccable standards. Enterprises venturing into smart contract creations can now avail of independent evaluations that meet the industry’s loftiest benchmarks, guaranteeing optimal security protocols.

Martin Hargreaves, Quant’s Chief Product Officer, shed light on the unique value proposition. He emphasized the significance of third-party audits and highlighted Quant’s edge, noting its profound grasp of financial nuances and a solid foundation in cybersecurity. The blend of technical acumen, business intelligence, and legal know-how positions Quant as a formidable force in the smart contract auditing space.

Adding to this, Luke Riley, Head of Innovation at Quant, delineated the journey leading to this pioneering service. Their endeavors in groundbreaking projects, including LACChain and Project Rosalind, empowered them with an arsenal of tools and expertise. Today, that goldmine of knowledge stands available to all Quant clients through Smart Audit.