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SubQuery Partners with Mantle Network to Accelerate Ethereum Scalability

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 21 September 2023 12:26, UTC

SubQuery, a renowned data indexing provider, has approved Mantle Network to utilize its data indexer. Mantle Network is an Ethereum blockchain Layer 2 scaling solution compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This cooperation is field-defining. The Mantle Network and SubQuery collaboration may expedite consumer data retrieval. Ethereum scaling technologies have advanced significantly in the near past.

SubQuery Enhances Developer Data Access for Mantle Network Users

Early on, the Mantle Network was proposed as a Layer 2 scalability solution for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Mantle Network employs optimistic rollup technology to process transactions quicker and cheaper than Ethereum while using Ethereum’s security.

Developer community dedication was emphasized by Mantle Network ecosystem manager Arjun Kalsy. He claimed SubQuery helped developers navigate the project’s growing environment and design a dynamic future. This integration accelerates developer data access.

SubQuery provides open-source SDK, tools, documentation, and developer support. These resources help programmers index for better software development. SubQuery supports Mantle Network with its enterprise-grade managed service, which can handle many queries every day. SubQuery Network gives Mantle developers another decentralized indexing alternative, improving web3 capabilities.

SubQuery assisted Mantle Network, a pioneer in Ethereum-compatible blockchain initiatives. Developers may leverage SubQuery’s rapid, flexible, open indexing. Scalability is enabled by the Mantle Ecosystem’s improved indexing.

According to its repute, SubQuery is a top web3 indexer. The reputation was earned through serving customers on Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot, Cosmos, Algorand, NEAR, and Avalanche. The firm specializes in wallets, networks, explorers, NFTs, DeFi, and scanners.

SubQuery Network to Transform Web3 Infrastructure

SubQuery is tokenizing and decentralizing the protocol using the SubQuery Network. This program uses the SubQuery Network to provide motivated and validated public access to indexed project data from Mantle Network. Project dedication to managed service assures clients benefit from its benefits.

Indexing millions of blocks requires speed and efficiency, which SubQuery provides. Multi-threading and store optimization minimize synchronization times and increase developer feature release efficiency by avoiding expensive database writes.

The future Web3 infrastructure SubQuery Network will decentralize SubQuery activities in the next months. Publicizing project data through the SubQuery Network will encourage and provide openness through audits. The connected network would enable SubQuery projects across networks, including Mantle. This offers a huge exploring area.

SubQuery and Mantle Network will boost Ethereum’s scalability and accessibility. This partnership might benefit blockchain developers and users.