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DRPC launches decentralized RPC network for Ethereum apps

source-logo  theblock.co 23 March 2023 07:00, UTC

Ethereum infrastructure provider DRPC launched a decentralized RPC network for Ethereum-based apps to boost security, cost-efficiency, and reliability for decentralized applications in the crypto space.

RPC stands for remote procedure call; a protocol used by crypto apps to communicate with blockchain networks. RPCs form a major part of the infrastructure layer for many blockchains, including Ethereum. But they are mostly offered by centralized providers. As such, they exist as a possible chokepoint for blockchain applications when they go offline, a situation that has happened in the past with providers like Infura.

DRPC says it solves this problem by offering a decentralized RPC stack with a network of globally distributed providers. This group of decentralized providers can spread the RPC load of crypto apps among themselves more efficiently, DRPC stated in its announement.

DRPC Chief Product Officer Constantine Zaitcev stated that decentralized RPCs are necessary for trustless and scalable blockchain networks. DRPC stated that its decentralized RPC is able to scale alongside crypto apps that use its infrastructure.

“The launch of DRPC will enable end-to-end decentralization for Ethereum. In addition to the blockchain and application layer, the infrastructure layer will be decentralized as well. These efforts will help build confidence in Ethereum’s RPC nodes, the infrastructure that fuels the network’s growth.”

DRPC stated that its decentralized RPC currently supports Ethereum-based apps. The team has plans to expand its coverage to other EVM-based networks including Arbitrum, Polygon, and Optimism in the coming months. The project crossed the milestone of processing one billion RPC requests last month.