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Bitcoin Price Showing Bearish Downtrend Despite On-chain Metrics Indicating Favorable Network Conditions


coingape.com 19 June 2021 12:25, UTC
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The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has continued to drop as the premier cryptocurrency stays afloat a price well below its 7-day high of $41,295.27. At present, BTC is down 5.21% to $35,952.61 according to CoinMarketCap, a bearish positioning that negates the current favorable conditions of the Bitcoin blockchain. Since the price of Bitcoin began retracing from its All-Time High price above $64,000, the market trend has witnessed a more passive engagement from retail investors across the board.

This low activity rate is made more evident as Glassnode data showed that the cumulative or total fees paid on transactions in the network have attained their lowest level of 1.390 BTC in the past one year per a 7-Day Moving Average estimate. Based on a similar trend, the lower fees indicate a lack of congestion by users in the blockchain. 

This trend has its inherent impacts which are both negative and positive. On the negative end, the overall price of Bitcoin is kept low as inconsistent transactions and lack of buy-ups that stir a bullish run is absent. The positivity is best targeted at users as sending funds is now relatively cheaper, and more attractive.

Investors Back US Traditional Markets: Impact on Bitcoin

Traditional market investors have pumped more than $756 billion in the daily reverse repurchase operation, a move that came after the Federal Reserve boosted interest rates for the traditional market offering. 

Following the meeting of the Financial Open Market Committee (FOMC) held last Wednesday, the interest rate for overnight repurchase agreement was adjusted to 0.05%, better than the 0% it has been, and the interest rate it pays banks on reserves held at the U.S. central bank was also boosted to 0.15%. These increments influenced the recorded inflows.

In tandem, the United States Dollar appreciated against other currencies on Friday, rising 92.70 against top fiat currencies. This may also account for the unrelenting sell-offs in the Bitcoin markets, as an appreciated Dollar is a cogent advantage for the market bears.

Economic policies from market watchdogs have an overbearing impact on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. While many market proponents and bulls anticipate a resurgence in price amidst growing fundamentals, the current performance of Bitcoin does not discount the favorable nature of the network at present.

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