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Some Weird Places You Can Spend Your Bitcoin


zycrypto.com 27 December 2018 11:30, UTC
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Have you ever considered actually buying something with your Bitcoin? It’s actually very depressing seeing people only associate the digital currency with a trading asset. Bitcoin has so much potential and so many ways you can use it. However, not all of these features are marketed well enough for them to reach your ears. And in most cases, large corporations still try to avoid cryptos as they’ve proven not to be reliable.

However, you’ve just invested in an ICO and gained massive profits with their new tokens, which you can later exchange into Bitcoin. But, you don’t want to continue this trading spree, you want to spend it on something useful. Well, let me tell you some of the weirdest things you can buy with Bitcoin. They may not be as useful as others, but at least you’ll know if you need it.

Space Travel

Yes, you heard me right. There is actually a private space company in California, the United States that used to accept Bitcoins as a means of payment for their space travel ticket. Back in 2013 the company named Virgin Galactic announced that they were accepting Bitcoins as a means of payment and those who had amassed a large amount, flung to it immediately.

Although the company has failed to launch a shuttle so far, the people holding these “tickets” are still eagerly awaiting. You could grab them too for a small amount of $250,000 in Bitcoin. Hey, it used to be like 25 Bitcoin in December and its space travel.

Adult Websites

Oh boy, I don’t really need to specify what “adult website” means, do I? I think we both know the meaning so let’s keep this article “family-friendly”.Back to the point. Yes, you can actually buy adult website subscriptions using cryptocurrencies. Some of the largest brands in this industry have adopted this technique and are actually reporting some nice traffic with them.

Plus, if you are really concerned with your transaction history and are interested in these “subscriptions”, paying with Bitcoin would be a lot more beneficial, as it “keeps it under the radar” if you know what I’m saying.

Gamble with Bitcoin

This one is actually very easy to describe. Gambling websites are becoming way more profitable than offline casinos, to be honest. Because of this many people are starting to get annoyed by the waiting time it takes for them to cash out their winnings. Therefore, some online gambling operators have decided to give them the opportunity to deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrencies. But the question here is, isn’t Bitcoin trading similar to Bitcoin gambling? No, it’s not, they’re completely different. Bitcoin gambling is rarely done to specifically make money, while Bitcoin trading is the sole purpose.

Although I’d never advised gambling without proper acknowledgment of the risks, I still feel compelled to tell you about the features. When you deposit in an online casino from your bank account, the bank sees this. Now they might not tell you this, but the more you gamble and deposit, the less inclined the bank will be to give you a loan in the future. Sure loans are never a good idea, but what if it’s an emergency? You can be blacklisted by the bank for gambling too much. Crypto deposits with the casinos hide your identity, therefore you won’t be damaging any of your reputation with the bank, because they simply don’t know. In addition, cashing out your profits is way faster with cryptos, compared to credit cards and the god-forsaken WIRE transfer.

There are many many more places

Sure there are also a lot of places and things you can spend Bitcoin on. Including a luxury island in Australia, and pretty much anything you can imagine in Japan. But I wanted to show you the top 3 weirdest ones I could find. There may be even more lurking around the internet, hiding from my radar, but the moment I find them, I’ll make sure to tell you all about them.

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