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Nothing Better Than Bitcoin: Anthony Pompliano

u.today 10 October 2020 18:30, UTC
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After Bitcoin surged first above the $11,000 resistance on Friday and later on that day went to $11,442, vocal Bitcoin advocate Anthony Pompliano today tweeted praise to Bitcoin and started rebuking financial institutions who has not acquired any yet.

He called Bitcoin an asset with the best-adjusted returns.

“Bitcoin waking up and reminding everyone why it is king”

Anthony Pompliano (aka Pomp), the co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, has published a tweet to remind the community that Bitcoin now says “come to Papa”.

After Microstrategy and Square have acquired almost half a million worth of Bitcoin between them recently, the flagship cryptocurrency has finally broken above $11,000 and seems to be making its way towards $12,000.

Curiously, Bitcoin started rising after Keith McCullough, the CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management, dumped all his BTC.

“Nothing better than Bitcoin”

In his recent tweets, Anthony Pompliano wrote that financial institutions (apart from Microstratey, Square and Grayscale who has also been acquiring a lot of BTC this year) are violating their fiduciary duty if they have no exposure to Bitcoin.

He reminds institutional investors that they are paid to find best risk-resistant assets with high returns and says that there is “nothing better than Bitcoin”.


Pomp has also shared that at present institutional investor are holding at least 513,542 BTC on their balance sheets.

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