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Goldman Sachs: BTC will take a significant market share from gold


bctd.news 05 January 2022 12:50, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

In the expert community, many believe that in the future, Bitcoin will be able to bypass gold in terms of capitalization. That will happen thanks to the ongoing institutional adoption of the cryptocurrency.

Analysts at investment bank Goldman Sachs adhere to the same point of view. In a study released the day before, it is said that the cryptocurrency will be able to take a significant share of the market from the main precious metal over the next few years.

We are witnessing a phase of mass adoption of digital currencies. If the developers manage to increase the bandwidth of Bitcoin, then it will become a more attractive tool for investors from both financial and technical points of view.

Bitcoin currently holds up to 20% of the safe assets market. Financiers such as Paul Tudor Jones and Anthony Scaramucci periodically point to the benefits of BTC as a hedge against inflation.

Goldman Sachs estimates that half of the safe assets market will be controlled by the leading crypto if the price of Bitcoin hits $ 100,000.

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