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Pro-XRP Attorney in Shock as Max Keiser Fails to Rank with Satoshi Holding 1.1M Bitcoin

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 19 September 2023 08:35, UTC

Deaton in Shock as Max Keiser Absent from Top Bitcoin Holders List.

Pro-XRP attorney John Deaton has expressed astonishment at the conspicuous absence of Max Keiser, a renowned Bitcoin maximalist, on the ranking of the most preeminent Bitcoin (BTC) holders.

In a recent tweet, Deaton pondered why Keiser is not among the top ten holders of BTC despite his known early involvement with Bitcoin.

“I’m shocked not to see Max Keiser on this list,” the lawyer remarked in the tweet.

I’m shocked not to see @maxkeiser on this list. Hate him or love him, the man has given multiple people hundreds or even thousands of #BTC when it was at $1. But maybe that’s why he’s not on the list. https://t.co/RKL4RXzKzg

— John E Deaton (@JohnEDeaton1) September 18, 2023

Deaton went on to acknowledge Keiser’s significant impact on the crypto community. The lawyer argued that regardless of the crypto community’s resentment of Keiser, he has been exceedingly charitable with Bitcoin.

Specifically, the pro-XRP lawyer spotlighted Keiser’s historical contributions, particularly during the early stages when Bitcoin’s value was significantly lower. He mentioned that Keiser has given out BTC to people in hundreds and thousands.

In particular, Deaton highlighted that Keiser gave BTC freely when it traded at $1, potentially calling to adopt the then-emerging payment technology.

Meanwhile, Deaton suggested that Keiser’s absence from the top ten ranking may just be due to his Bitcoin charity endeavors.

Keiser Gave 10k to One Person

Early this year, Max Keiser tweeted that he was willing to give out 10,000 BTC to one Alex Jones, who he had given a similar quantity in the past. However, Keiser noted it would be a pointless charity as Alex Jones could again part ways with the pricy coins.

“I’d consider giving Alex Jones 10,000 Bitcoin again, but he’d just lose it, so what’s the point,” Keiser remarked.

I’d consider giving Alex Jones 10,000 #Bitcoin again but he’d just lose it, so what’s the point. https://t.co/n3mtjBc6OH

— Max Keiser (@maxkeiser) April 15, 2023

The Top 10 Bitcoin Holders

In a recent tweet, Whale Chart, a notable X account in the community, highlighted the top ten holders of BTC.

World Top 10 Bitcoin Holders

According to the tweet, the mysterious founder of Bitcoin itself, Satoshi Nakamoto, led the ranking. Satoshi Nakamoto reportedly holds 1.1 million Bitcoin, equivalent to over $29 billion today.

Next in line are prominent asset managers Grayscale, Binance, and Bitfinex, jointly holding 1,334,227 Bitcoin. The US government also featured on the list with 175,000 BTC. Microstrategy, Block One, OKX, and Robinhood also hold Bitcoin in the hundreds.

The tenth position goes to the Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, who double as the founders of the Gemini exchange. They hold 70,000 BTC worth $1,876,000,000.