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No Bitcoin Left to Buy: What's Happening With Available Supply?

source-logo  u.today 30 June 2023 13:24, UTC

A notable trend is unfolding in the world of Bitcoin as the available supply on cryptocurrency exchanges continues to shrink, raising the potential of a supply shock in the future. However, the implications of this phenomenon for the market are not as straightforward as they might appear.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are experiencing a significant decrease in available Bitcoin, which could lead to scarcity on these platforms. It is a situation that might create a supply shock, particularly if institutional investors begin to buy Bitcoin in larger amounts. The combination of strong demand from big players and a dwindling supply could push the price of Bitcoin upward, potentially leading to another bullish cycle.

BTC chart

However, it is essential to keep in mind that the supply of Bitcoin has been dwindling for quite some time. Yet, during this period, we have experienced several extended bear markets. The reduction of Bitcoin's supply does not guarantee a bull market but rather indicates a shift in holding patterns. It seems that more investors are choosing to hold their Bitcoin off exchanges, which could suggest a longer-term investment approach.

Moreover, a decrease in the available trading supply on exchanges could lead to liquidity problems. Traders and investors need a certain level of liquidity to ensure they can enter and exit positions at will. If liquidity is low, this could lead to higher slippage, affecting the profitability of trades, especially for large investors.

However, in the case of a strong bull market, the scenario is likely to shift in favor of increasing supply. Historically, during periods of price appreciation, more holders are incentivized to sell their Bitcoin, which tends to increase the available supply on exchanges. Therefore, the current dwindling supply may start ascending fairly quickly.