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MicroStrategy Founder Advocates Bitcoin’s Power in Recent Tweet


coinedition.com 05 December 2022 08:09, UTC
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MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor recently tweeted that “no force on earth can stop Bitcoin when the time has come,” while sharing an image of a graph resealed by social media marketing and management platform, Hootsuite, highlighting the percentage of internet users across the world who own a form of crypto.

No force on earth can stop #Bitcoin when the time has come. pic.twitter.com/ahSqGCK2uw

— Michael Saylor⚡️ (@saylor) December 4, 2022

The data on the graph is based on the findings of a broad global survey of internet users aged 16 to 64, conducted by market research company, GWI, for the Q2 of 2022, specifically for the month of October.

According to the graph, Turkey has the highest number of citizens whose currency owns some kind of crypto exhibiting 25.8% of internet users in the entire region. Meanwhile, Argentina ranks second with 25.2% of internet users.

The list is followed by the Philippines at rank three with 23.7% crypto owners, and South Africa with 22.4%. Thailand, Indonesia, and Brazil have 22.1%, 20.2%, and 20.1% crypto owners respectively.

In comparison, the Netherlands, India, the US, Canada, and the UK all maintain 18.2%, 17.4%, 15.1%, 13.4%, and 10.1% respectively, with China, and Russia, ranking in the bottom two with 5.2% and 3.6% of crypto owners in their respective countries.

Moreover, the worldwide percentage of crypto owners for October 2022, stood at 12.3% of the entire global population.

Saylor has recently been actively advocating Bitcoin on Twitter. On November 3, he tweeted that “Bitcoin is Hope,” which sparked a lot of controversy across the platform.

During the Los Angeles Pacific Bitcoin conference, Saylor further shared tips on how to buy Bitcoin during a bear market. He added,

If you’re buying [Bitcoin] and you’ve got less than a four-year time horizon, you’re just speculating in it. And once you’ve got more than a four-year time horizon, then the obvious thing is your dollar-cost average.

He also shared that dollar-cost averaging is a great way to minimize exposure to investment volatility, which users want to hold as a long-term asset.

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