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Crypto Trader Who Nailed Bitcoin Collapse in 2018 Predicts Big BTC Shift – Here’s His Target


dailyhodl.com 12 September 2022 09:42, UTC
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The veteran crypto trader who predicted Bitcoin’s crash during the 2018 bear market is warning that a similar type of meltdown could be on the horizon for BTC.

Seasoned trader Tone Vays tells his 121,000 YouTube subscribers that Bitcoin appears to be following its price action of May of this year when it showed signs of recovery before eventually breaking down.

“Right here (May 2022), the move was to the downside and it like flirted with the upside but then it still crashed. And then [now], the same thing is happening, and the same thing happened in the past.” 

Source: Tone Vays/YouTube

Vays adds that Bitcoin’s current price action is also reminiscent of how BTC performed between July and November of 2018. Back then, Vays called for the break of $6,000 support months before it actually happened.

According to Vays, Bitcoin has the tendency to confuse traders before making its big move.

“[Bitcoin] keeps not doing what it’s supposed to do until it eventually does.” 

Source: Tone Vays/YouTube

“The obvious trade here is a big drop but that doesn’t mean that the big drop will not happen next week or the week after, which is why I’m not interested in bullish trades at all right now because I’ve seen this movie play out many times… 

It will look promising to me only after we establish $25,000 as the new floor. Then, it’s going to become interesting.” 

Source: Tone Vays/YouTube

Looking at the trader’s chart, he appears to be predicting a massive drop to around the $11,900 area, suggesting a downside risk of over 45% from BTC’s current price of $22,000.

Featured Image: Shutterstock/klyaksun/Sensvector

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