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Weekly Price Analysis Overview Jan.29: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and BRD


cryptopotato.com 29 January 2019 23:10, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m


Weekly graph. Support has been maintained around 200MA. The RSI since August is lower than 50 and the trading is sensitive. The range we see in the graph is between $3,000 and $4,300, a 30% volatility that leaves room for trading. Short term support holds around $3,300.


Against the dollar, the weekly candles graph are less and less volatile, and the price keeps its head above $100. Critical attempts to break over $130 failed. Expectations for the near term range from $80 to $170, a break, up or down, of these prices, will attract more attention from the market.

The weekly chart is building a double floor at 0.024BTC, and there seems to be a trend towards approval of this support after an attempt to breach the 0.041BTC. You can see the RSI that jumped up to 98 in this attempt and is still being tested for short term support around 0.03BTC.


Against the dollar, a weekly chart shows that 50MA is a critical indicator on the Ripple chart in the range between $0.25- $0.50. Short term support is built around $0.29 attempts to return above $0.50 failed, and resistance in the short term has dropped to $0.40 if it breaks up $0.50 the 50MA will also be tested.

Against the Bitcoin a 50MA weekly chart has been breached upwards and now support is around 7000SAT. Resistance at 10,000 SAT. Trading around 8000SAT.


Against the dollar, according to the calculation of weekly graph (Trading View), the price stabilizes around $0.20, and also traded in this range. Resistance at $0.24 in the short term and to the extent that a trend change imports will need to break even the $0.36.

Against Bitcoin traded in the range between 5000SAT and 6100SAT from October. From the beginning of trading of this Alt at 2018, we saw a downward trend as in most cryptos in the market. Is this the floor?

Against the Ethereum Weekly Graph, the situation is different and looks like a change in trend since August the rate climbed and found support at 0.0014ETH resistance in this range at 0.002ETH.

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