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Why the BONE farms proposal matters for all Shiba Inu holders

www.fxstreet.com 20 June 2022 14:43, UTC
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  • Shiba Inu holders voted on crucial BONE upgrades before a key update to Shibarium proposed by Ryoshi. 
  • BONE, a major token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem rewards farming, is set to become the “gas” of the Shibarium protocol. 
  • Shiba Inu price started recovery after 1.26 billion SHIB coins were burnt over the past week. 

Shiba Inu ecosystem’s governance token BONE is set to become the gas of layer-2 solution Shibarium protocol. This is a milestone upgrade for ShibArmy and the community of Shiba Inu coin holders voted on a key upgrade in BONE.

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Shiba Inu holders vote on BONE upgrades

Shiba Inu’s creator Ryoshi, who mysteriously disappeared recently, had proposed the development of a layer-2 solution Shibarium. The primary goal of Shibarium was to lower transaction fees for traders in the Shiba ecosystem. Ryoshi proposed transaction approval in seconds and reduced cost, minimal or zero. 

Ryoshi told the ShibArmy that Shibarium would offer low fees for every service, game or project that builds on it. BONE is the governance token of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, and this crypto is now set to become the “gas” of Shibarium

Upgrades in BONE are, therefore, key to ShibArmy holders. In addition to being a governance token and the future “gas” of Shibarium, BONE is a significant player in rewards/ farming in the Shiba Inu ecosystem. 

Community Voice Proposal: $BONE Farms

Learn more....https://t.co/nei8JGHZcd

— Shib (@Shibtoken) June 19, 2022

In a new blog post published on ShibaSwap, developers have identified “validators” and “delegators” as the two key players in the Shibarium ecosystem. Validators would lock a set amount of Shiba Inu and validate new transactions, earning a reward in BONE. Delegators would be holders: they secure the protocol by delegating their stake to validator nodes and earning BONE. 

Developers are required to safeguard a total of over 20 million BONE to allocate for the behavior of validators, alongside rewards for maintaining the Shibarium network operational.

What is the ShibArmy voting on?

The Shiba Inu community is taking the crucial decision of setting aside over 20 million BONE for the behavior of validators. Developers offered the community an alternative. Twenty million additional BONE could be minted to cap supply at 230 million and offer the newly minted tokens to Shibarium validators. 

The Shiba Inu coin community will vote and pick either option A or B and make the critical choice that will determine the future of BONE allocation for validators in Shibarium

The blog reads:


  • OPTION A: Stop BONE farms when they reach 230M minted Bones to save the remaining 20M for validators.
  • OPTION B: Over-minting 20M Bone more (increasing the total cap from 250M to 270M) to distribute them over the future.

Important Reminder: All votes made via the DOGGY DAO process can only be made with $tBONE, which is the staked form of $BONE.

The proposal vote went live on Sunday, June 19th, at 10:00 PM GMT and will be open for a period of seven days. 

Developers affirmed that the Shiba Inu community is decentralized, and this vote is crucial to Shibarium’s development and imminent release. 

1.26 billion Shiba Inu coins were burnt

According to data from Shibburn, 1.26 billion Shiba Inu coins were burnt across 95 transactions in the past week. This reduced the Shiba Inu coin’s circulating supply by removing 1.26 billion SHIB permanently from circulation. 

Ethereum whales continued to scoop up Shiba Inu coins, and the Dogecoin-killer surpassed FTX holdings in their portfolio. With the rising burn rate and accumulation of whales, there is an increase in bullish sentiment in the ShibaArmy. 

Shiba Inu price starts recovery

Following the announcement of the BONE proposal for the ShibArmy to vote, BONE and SHIB prices witnessed a spike. Crypto analysts at the YouTube channel “Adam coins” believe Shiba Inu price could break out of the symmetrical triangle, a bearish indicator, and resume its uptrend. 

Analysts at FXStreet believe Shiba Inu price could test its volume point of control at $0.0000071. Analysts identified a bullish divergence in the Shiba Inu price chart and set an upside target of $0.0000095, a 15% rally from the current level. 

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