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Michael Saylor’s Bold Prediction Could Change the Crypto Market Forever


cryptoknowmics.com 02 June 2022 19:35, UTC
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The billionaire and CEO of the technology company MicroStrategy are unfazed by the volatile price fluctuations in the crypto market. Michael Saylor has another Bitcoin forecast, even as his favourite cryptocurrency struggles to surpass the $30,000 mark. The CEO, who began amassing Bitcoin reserves in 2020, reaffirmed his commitment to the long term. He stated that he would continue to purchase and hold the largest cryptocurrency.

Michael Saylor's Prediction

MicroStrategy is a business intelligence company led by Saylor and possesses 129,218 BTC due to multiple Bitcoin purchases. It is still the largest cryptocurrency-holding company. However, the company's massive BTC position is negative, representing approximately $70 million in unrealized losses as of this time of writing. Saylor stated that MicroStrategy will not liquidate its BTC holdings until a future date that they are yet to determine. So even though the global market crash has wiped out trillions of dollars, the Bitcoin maximalist's leader and his company are awaiting the next development. During the interview with Yahoo Finance Live, Saylor said that there is no price objective. Instead, he anticipates that his company will always buy bitcoin at the local price. However, he and his company also expect Bitcoin to reach millions and are consequently very patient as they believe this represents the future of currency.

The Future of Money: Bitcoin

Terra's and UST's catastrophic downward spirals undermined the investor's confidence. Nevertheless, Saylor predicts that the event will help to improve the regulation of stablecoins and security tokens. Saylor believes that this decision and the ensuing regulation will be good for the industry. People will recognize that Bitcoin is superior to the hundreds of other crypto-assets that currently exist. The CEO also made it known that once individuals and institutions understand why bitcoin is superior to all other currencies, they will be able to offer large sums of money.  The MicroStrategy executive also opined that Bitcoin would become the new form of cash; however, to perform trillions or billions of transactions requires a base layer and a layer of security that is "ethical, economically, and technically sound," such as the Lightning Network.

Is Saylor's Optimism Positive?

Saylor believes that the recent bitcoin crash will be beneficial for bitcoin. It will expedite the necessary regulation of stablecoins, alternative cryptocurrencies, and exchanges and resolve the political stalemate.  Saylor also believes the crash is educating the world on the distinctions between security tokens and Bitcoin and facilitating the integration of institutions in this area. Terra and UST's catastrophic downward spiral harmed the investors' confidence. Saylor asserts that the event will contribute to the regulation of stablecoins and security tokens. In addition, he stated that this drop and the associated regulations and rules would be "good for the industry. According to him, the general public will soon recognize that Bitcoin is superior to thousands of other digital assets. According to Michael Saylor’s bitcoin price prediction, Bitcoin will soon become the new currency for financial transactions. However, it is unclear how long this optimistic outlook will persist. MicroStrategy holds 129,218 Bitcoins, making it the largest corporate Bitcoin holder. However, the company's massive BTC holdings are currently slightly in the red, with an unrealized loss of approximately $70 million. Saylor will not be able to liquidate its BTC holdings regardless of the price. Despite the market's loss of trillions of dollars, the company and the renowned Bitcoin maximalists maintain their positions. A month before, there was a report that MicroStrategy could face a margin call if the price of Bitcoin fell to $21,000, which would be a 46 percent decline from its current value.

Is a Sale Taking Place?

In March, MicroStrategy received a $205 million Bitcoin-secured loan from Silvergate Bank to purchase additional Bitcoin. As a result, the total value of MicroStrategy's Bitcoin holdings exceeds $5 billion. The company has a market capitalization of just $2.29 billion, indicating that it is trading at a loss on its cryptocurrency holdings. This indicates that investors are concerned about the company's massive debt, sluggish software business, and exposure to a volatile commodity. It should not be surprising if the company conducts a massive sell-off on the market. However, it is important to note that it is a norm for institutional investors to have sale-offs during difficult times. According to many, Luna Foundation Guard, one of the largest Bitcoin holders, had no choice but to surrender its Bitcoin. Terraform Labs and Luna Foundation Guard have recently emptied their treasury accounts of 42,530 bitcoins worth $1.3 billion, but Microstrategy is still holding its position.

Factors Affecting Bitcoin Price Surge in 2022

Below are different factors Influencing Bitcoin's Price in 2022

Bitcoin is Beginning to Gain Credibility as a Means of Storing Value

Investors recognize that it is possible to use Bitcoin as an asset because of its unique characteristics. In contrast to other fiat currencies, the issue of BTC is predictable and is not affected by random policies. For example, 6.25 BTC enter circulation approximately every 10 minutes. However, this amount will drop by 50% by 2024. Central bankers are printing cash at high rates. As a result, the confidence in major currencies such as the euro and the US dollar is declining because of fears of currency debasement. Because of the factors mentioned above, more and more people recognize Bitcoin as a virtual representation of the valuable gold metal that has been an enclave of security for hundreds of years. Bitcoin has its advantages over gold - for instance, it can be transferred to any place in the world at an affordable cost. It is extremely divisible. Furthermore, storing Bitcoin is better and less expensive than the storage of gold. For more than 10 years since its inception, Bitcoin has proven itself as a highly durable system due to its decentralized structure. The Bitcoin network transfers billions of dollars worth of value each day, making the mining system more robust than ever before.

Innovations such as Lightning Network are Being Built on the Back of Bitcoin

There have been numerous attempts to improve Bitcoin by developers who developed new cryptocurrency and blockchain-powered platforms. Still, none of them has managed to achieve similar levels of popularity as the world's first cryptocurrency. But that doesn't mean to claim that Bitcoin is flawless and can do everything. For example, bitcoin transactions are generally slow compared to other electronic transactions and, in fact, many other cryptocurrencies. In times of high traffic on the Bitcoin network, the cost of transactions could rise to a level where smaller transactions do not seem to make economic sense. Additionally, Bitcoin does not support smart contracts based on a blockchain that Ethereum developed. The technology that is the basis of Bitcoin isn't likely to undergo any significant changes soon. The most attractive attributes are its durability and stability, and it is possible that they could be compromised when Satoshi Nakamoto's original formula is altered in any way. Instead of adding exciting new features, Bitcoin innovative developers are developing layers 2 solutions that carry out most of their functions off-chain yet still use bitcoin as the Bitcoin blockchain to ensure security.

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