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These Factors Act As Catalyst For The Crypto Market To Surge This Week?


coinpedia.org 16 February 2022 07:30, UTC
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The cryptosphere has awaken to greener and brighter digits on the market charts. While Bitcoin has settled above $44,000, and Ethereum back over $3,000. Altcoins have stepped into the shoes of legacy coins, and have been portraying praisable numbers. Such that Solana and Avalanche prices are up in double-digits.

Successively, traders and savvies are now pondering over the sudden rise of the candles. Amidst the ongoing events such as the government in Canada enacting emergencies powers act. Alongside the Russian Ministry’s proposal of crypto mining, and the ever burdening inflation numbers. 

Are These Factors Governing Crypto Market’s Northward Trek?

The crypto business has now parted ways with the quagmire, that collared monetary gains of digital assets. Wherefore, the market cap of the industry is up 5.6% over the previous day at $2.07 Trillion. As aforementioned, BTC’s price is now above $44,000, while ETH’s price has reclaimed numbers over $3,000. That has influenced fellow altcoins to follow suit.

The rise in numbers comes amidst the proceedings in Canada, where the Trudeau government. Enacts the emergencies power act to allow banks to freeze assets of donators of the protest. In addition, the regulation of crowdfunding portals and digital payments including cryptocurrencies is on cards. Netizens are pondering over the possibility of the enactment triggering investors that might have fueled the price surge.

The second possibility being in talks is, Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development flagging off the concept of crypto mining regulation. That proposes to enable mining operations in specific areas that hold sustainable surplus in the generation of electricity. The proposal also includes the suggestions of lowering fees and energy rates for setting up mines and data centers. The proposal also includes taxing on realized gains from mining.

The third one comes in as burdening inflation numbers which is well over 7%. Cryptocurrencies being crowned as a “Hedge to Inflation” are now the apple of investor’s eyes. Fiat while losing the purchasing power against goods, according to some reports USD has lost over 97% of the buying power. In comparison to Bitcoin over the past 5-years. Moreover, the brisk rate of rebound of digital assets from the gloom of previous inflation turmoil has enticed the masses.

Summing up, the rise of digital assets towards greener digits has fueled enthusiasm amongst the folks of the crypto town. While a distinct reason behind the surge is yet to surface, the aforementioned factors do account for the rise. That said if circumstances prevail in favor of the business. We will spectate the compounding rise of the crypto industry towards the $3 Trillion market capitalization.

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