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Chainlink (LINK) Giving Mixed Signals Despite Price Rebound

beincrypto.com 07 January 2022 09:55, UTC
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Chainlink (LINK) is trading above a crucial horizontal level. Whether it breaks down from here or continues to bounce back could determine the direction of the longer-term trend.

On Dec 4, LINK bounced after reaching a low of $15. The bounce was crucial since it created a higher low relative to the price in July. 

Furthermore, it validated the $19.20 area as support. 

This is a crucial area because LINK has been trading above it since the beginning of 2021, with the exception of the deviation (red circle) in July. 

Therefore, a breakdown below this support could mean that it’s mired in a longer-term correction.

LINK Chart By TradingView

Current pattern

Lower time frames provide a mixed reading. 

Technical indicators in the daily time frame are mostly bullish since both the MACD and RSI are increasing. The latter is above 50, which is often considered a sign of bullish trends, while the former is nearly positive.

Furthermore, LINK has broken out from a descending resistance line and reclaimed the $23 horizontal area after.

LINK Chart By TradingView

The four-hour chart, on the other hand, shows that LINK has been trading inside an ascending parallel channel since its Dec 4 lows. This type of channel is normally considered a corrective pattern, meaning that an eventual breakdown from it would be expected. 

Currently, LINK is trading just above the midline of this channel (green circle). A decrease below the midline would confirm that the trend is bearish and mean that an eventual breakdown is likely.

LINK Chart By TradingView

LINK wave count

Cryptocurrency trader @Altstreetbet tweeted a LINK chart, stating that it’s likely completed a corrective phase and will now target higher resistance levels.

Source: TradingView

The movement since Sept 6 (highlighted) resembles a completed A-B-C corrective structure. This is especially likely because of the overlap between the current high and Sept 21 lows (red line). If true, LINK could increase toward the $40 level.

However, in order for this possibility to remain valid, LINK has to stay above its Dec 4 lows (white line) of $15. 

Due to the bearish readings from lower time frames, this possibility is now becoming less likely.

LINK Chart By TradingView

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