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Ethereum Is ‘Well and Truly’ in Middle of Big Breakout Against Bitcoin, According to Top Crypto Analyst

dailyhodl.com 02 December 2021 20:58, UTC
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A popular cryptocurrency analyst and trader is saying that Ethereum (ETH) has more upside potential than Bitcoin (BTC).

The crypto analyst pseudonymously named Smart Contracter tells his 194,500 Twitter followers that according to the ETH/BTC chart, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap is headed for a rally.

“I think it’s safe to say that is well and truly an ETH/BTC breakout.”

Source: SmartContracter/Twitter

Last month, the crypto analyst said that ETH/BTC surging was a foregone conclusion, and the only question was when it would happen.

“ETH/BTC when, not if.”

Source: SmartContracter/Twitter

Earlier in October, Smart Contracter predicted that Ethereum would surge relative to Bitcoin after trading in a narrow range for around three years. At the time, the crypto analyst projected that Ethereum would hit a US dollar price of $10,000.

“ETH/BTC is still huge IHS [Inverse Head and Shoulders] breakout after a 3-year base.

It may have been somewhat boring the last few months but make no mistake about it, this is re-accumulation in a monster uptrend.

$10k ETH isn’t a meme”

Source: SmartContracter/Twitter

Ethereum is trading at $4,690 at time of writing.

In the case of Bitcoin, the crypto analyst late last month predicted that Bitcoin going below $54,000 momentarily recently was “the low” and the flagship cryptocurrency would at least hit $63,000 “soon.”

“No sign of reversal “just yet” but, we just had our final capitulation volume imo [in my opinion] and I think $BTC is due for a strong bounce up to 63k soon as a worst-case scenario, obviously best-case scenario is a new all-time high.”

Bitcoin is trading at $57,070 at time of writing.

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