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Nicholas Merten, Crypto Analyst Highlights Huge Ethereum Prediction


bitcoinworld.co.in 02 December 2021 03:18, UTC
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Nicholas Merten is a Prominent crypto analyst and he’s making predictions on the top smart contract platform Ethereum (ETH). Also, noting it may see another massive 325% growth before the current bl cycle ends.

Furthermore, this means Nicholas Merten expects Ethereum to hit the $20,000 level.

So, He explains.
“If everything goes perfect for Ethereum, if we get that opportunity to be able to get ETH to…”
“launch properly, people using roll-ups, whether it be zero-knowledge roll-ups or optimistic roll-ups,…”
“generally ‘layer-2 solutions,’ we could see a $20,000 Ethereum this cycle….”

Then, Nicholas Merten continues.
“I know it sounds crazy but when you look at the logarithmic chart we’ve seen these kinds of percentage returns before.”

More so, Rollups helps to carry out transactions outside the main Ethereum chain and of course, records transaction data on it. Notably, The two types of roll-ups are zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups and optimistic rollups.

Additionally, Nicholas Merten notes that once Ethereum maintains solid fundamentals, it will be ready to hit the $20,000 mark.

Also, Nicholas Merten continues.
“I think it’s very reasonable we could see this kind of price level….”
“Somewhere between our neutral and optimistic target….”
“To play it safe, I would say that we’ve got a really solid steady stream of price action for Ethereum ahead of us…”
“The key thing to understand is that there are periods of this cycle where Ethereum outpaces…”
“Bitcoin, which makes these higher targets reasonable.”

Currently, Ethereum is trading at around $4,582, showing a 7% increase over the last week.

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