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John Deaton Fumes At Twitter Poll That Excluded Ripple (XRP) From the List of Top Cross-Border Payments Options


thecryptobasic.com 03 August 2022 17:59, UTC
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Deaton has slammed Cointelegraph for not adding Ripple in its recent Twitter poll.

Attorney John Deaton, the founder of Crypto-Law.U.S. has slammed cryptocurrency media outlet Cointelegraph for excluding Ripple (XRP) in its recent poll created to determine the best cross-border payment options. 

Yesterday, Cointelegraph created a poll, asking its 1.7 million followers to select which payment option is more suitable for cross-border payments. 

The cryptocurrency media outlet listed Bitcoin (BTC), stablecoins, and traditional banking in the poll. Cointelegraph also created an avenue for respondents to make their choice outside of the options listed via the comment section. 

What's your preference for cross-border payments?

— Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph) August 2, 2022

Attorney Deaton’s Reaction to the Poll

The Cointelegraph development angered Deaton. Deaton described the poll as a complete bias against Ripple. According to Deaton, it is common knowledge that the blockchain company has been dedicated to facilitating cross-border settlements

“This poll shows a complete bias against #XRP,” Deaton said. 

He questioned the fact that Cointelegraph could add Bitcoin and stablecoin in the poll without considering including XRP, which has been adopted by top financial giants in cross-border settlements. 

“How could you credibly offer this poll, list #BTC & stablecoins, but not #XRP,” he added.

Furthermore, Deaton cited a few instances where XRP was used by popular traditional payment companies, including MoneyGram. 

“Since 2015 @Ripple has pushed the adoption of #XRP for cross-border payments. It was utilized w/ @MoneyGram and is actively being used by dozens of companies.”


Deaton Always Supporting Ripple

Deaton has been a strong supporter of Ripple for years and he is not afraid to throw his weight behind the blockchain project at any time. 

On several occasions, Deaton, who is also Amici Curiae’s attorney in the ongoing Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit, has blasted the Securities and Exchange Commission on Twitter. 

His constant criticism of the SEC was among the reasons the commission pushed to have him thrown out of the case

But Deaton was clever enough to use some of the events that occurred in the lawsuit as his defense. 

These efforts prompted the Judge in charge of the case to dismiss the SEC’s motion. 

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